Maisie Williams Pays Tribute to Her Game of Thrones Character With Arya Stark Tattoo

Actress says her final goodbyes to the HBO series with some permanent ink

By Carissa Almendarez Jul 23, 2018 8:08 PMTags
Maisie WilliamsDavid Fisher/Shutterstock

The girl with the Game of Thrones tattoo.

Maisie Williams took to Instagram Stories with a hint that suggests a possible Game of Thrones-inspired tattoo is in the works. The actress cryptically captioned the snapshot of a needle and red ink, "Guess who is getting 'No One' tattoo?"

To fans of the wildly popular HBO series, Williams is undoubtedly paying tribute her to character, Arya Stark, who was drilled to think of herself as "no one" during her assassin training.

And as Williams and the rest of the GoT cast bid farewell to the Emmy-winning series, it seems only natural that she'd commemorate the eighth and final with some permanent ink. 

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This is not the first irreversible tribute Maisie, 21, has made to the show. Back in 2016, Williams and co-star Sohpie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the series, got matching tattoos to commemorate the day they were both hired to play their epic roles. The two onscreen sisters and real-life BFFs got the matching ink during a filming hiatus in Belfast. 

Although she's finished playing the fan-beloved Arya Stark, Williams will not be disappearing from our screens (or our hearts) anytime soon.

She is currently filming the horror-science fiction film The New Mutants while another film she stars in, Departures, is in post-production.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones' final six episodes arrive to HBO in 2019.