Relive Southern Charm's Most Shocking Moments On and Off Camera

Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel and more cast members had viewers talking for their behavior over the years

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Watch: "Southern Charm's" Thomas Ravenel Has Been Arrested

The cast of Southern Charm is just full of surprises.

For the past five seasons, the familiar faces behind Bravo's hit reality show have opened their lives up for cameras. As a result, viewers across the country have had a front-row seat to their ups and downs.

Cast member Thomas Ravenel has certainly experienced a roller coaster year. In fact, the Bravo star made headlines again today after being arrested and booked on charges of alleged assault and battery second degree.

Bravo would later confirm to People that Thomas would not be returning to the show's next season. Back in August, the original cast member claimed on Twitter that he was leaving the show. E! News has reached out to Thomas' team for comment. 

It's not the only drama Thomas has endured in recent months. 

Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm Friendships
Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

There has also been plenty of headlines involving his on-again, off-again girlfriend Ashley Jacobs and ex-girlfriend Kathryn Dennis.

But the Bravo star is also being accused of sexual assault by two women, which caused him to skip out on the most recent season's reunion show. "Along with Bravo, our client made the mutual decision not to attend today's reunion taping as there is a pending investigation," Thomas' attorney said in a statement that aired Thursday night. "Our client is fully cooperating with authorities on that investigation. He expects to be completely vindicated once the investigation is concluded. He sends his best regards to his fans and his fellow castmates."

Kathryn finally broke her silence on the matter explaining to Andy Cohen, "I'm not going to comment until I guess it's resolved I think. What I am going to focus on is just the children and staying out of it."

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While this is certainly a whole new kind of serious drama for cast members and viewers alike, Southern Charm has certainly provided plenty of OMG moments in recent years. We decided to take a look back at some of the most dramatic moments from seasons past.

And while filming for the new season has yet to begin, something tells us the future is only getting juicier. 

Winter Ball Gets Chilly: When Patricia Altschul invited the cast together for the season five finale, all eyes were going to be on Ashley and Kathryn who would come face-to-face. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, a lot! "Baby mama, stay out of it. Go find someone else to go screw," Ashley shared in a seriously tense altercation. Kathryn later replied, "Listen, I just want to say this since I have a moment. Look me in the eye. I want you to know you've crossed the line and as a mother, f--k you."

J.D.'s Shocking Betrayal: Naomie Olindo kicked off season five on a shocking note when she alleged that J.D. Madison was unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth Madison. "I literally go to your house almost every day and pick your wife up out of bed," Naomie shared in an episode. "So don't pretend you are some great husband, some great family man, because it's a f--king bulls--t lie." She later accused her co-star of going "out every night, f--king twenty year olds." J.D. would deny the claims on Twitter and in the show.

Friends With Benefits: Fans always knew that Kathryn had a great relationship with Shep Rose. In fact, they remember their famous hookup in season one. But they didn't exactly know that they've had some fun a bit more recently. "After Kensie was born, Shep and I kind of like hooked up again. Actually, since then, a few times," Kathryn revealed in a recent episode. "But it never went anywhere. I still play with the idea because I don't know…we have good sex, whatever. And he's cute and fun."

Dinner Party From Hell: Talk about going from zero to 100 in a minute. Back in season three, Thomas confronted Landon Clements for "being a little catty and disrespectful" to Kathryn. When Shep tried to put the blame on Thomas, things escalated even quicker. "You jump on my back, you'll crawl off bleeding motherf--ker," Thomas shouted. It was a dinner fans couldn't get enough of—and will remember for seasons to come.  

Whitney vs. Kathryn: In season two, Kathryn felt like nobody on the cast had her back minus Craig Conover. When some of the cast including Whitney Sudler-Smith questioned the strength of their friendship, Kathryn let him have it. "You want to challenge me? You don't know s—t," she shouted before being held back from getting physical. "You should go home and take lessons from your mother. You don't know s--t."

Hilton Head Drama: One of biggest fights came this season when Chelsea Meissner invited her friends for a little trip. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds, Ashley decided to question Kathryn's parenting skills. "I see those children more than you see them," she shared after getting upset for not being invited to a birthday party. "How many times did you visit your son?" The cast would ultimately all agree that Ashley was in the wrong.

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