Katherine Heigl Is So Excited to Be on Suits

Heigl got a role on her favorite show by asking for it, and she couldn't help but gush to E! News

By Lauren Piester Jul 18, 2018 2:00 PMTags
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Suits may have lost a few familiar faces this season, but they also gained a very familiar face.

Katherine Heigl is about to make her debut as Samantha Wheeler, and based on everything we know and have seen so far, she's a force to be reckoned with. 

"She's sort of having fun with people all the time," the Grey's Anatomy alum told E! News when we visited the show's Toronto set. "She kind of walks into situations not taking it terribly seriously, unless you really cross her. Then she loses the smile and the smirk and she's all business." 

As the firm deals with a merger in the premiere, the big question a lot of characters are asking is "Who is Samantha Wheeler?" While Heigl probably knows the most about her second only to creator Aaron Korsh, even she finds her very mysterious.

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"She's fascinating because she's a mystery, and she's sort of even a mystery to me. I'm not entirely sure what her past is," Heigl says. "I love that she's an enigma to the rest of the people in the firm, that they are even trying to figure out who is this girl, and what is she about."

While she is a mystery, Samantha tends to own every room she's in, partly thanks to how very put together she looks. 

"The fashion, the hair, the makeup, it's creating this woman that under the surface, I think she's not quite as polished and put together, but this is who she believes she needs to be to impress and to fit in," Heigl explains. 

As for the actress herself, Heigl has said before that she went to Korsh herself and asked for a role on the show. 

"It's pretty cool, I'm not going to lie," she says of the way she got the gig. "It's a real blessing of sort of where I've gotten to in my career, but it also felt really good to take initiative, to sort of reach for what I wanted and put it out there and take that chance." 

For her costars, Heigl's love of the show and enthusiasm for joining it made working with her all the better. 

"When someone comes in with support and love and like feeling grateful to be a part of this, that just will allow all of us as an ensemble to sing, you know?" says Gabriel Macht

"From a behind the scenes point of view, it's great to have her here," says Sarah Rafferty. "She just jumped right in. She understands the rhythm of Suits, she's seen all the episodes." 

So while you may still find yourself (as the characters do) missing Meghan Markle as Rachel and Patrick J. Adams as Mike, Heigl's mysterious Samantha will be there to provide you with an intriguing distraction.

To watch Heigl make her debut, tune into Suits tonight at 9 p.m. on USA.