Nikki Bella Practices Walking Down the Aisle During a Masquerade Party on Total Bellas: ''I'm in Heaven!''

By Alyssa Ray Jul 19, 2018 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella Practices Her Walk Down the Aisle

Nikki Bella has finally gotten into the bachelorette spirit and it's all thanks to Brie Bella.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas, the mother of one successfully pulls together a masquerade ball in Paris for her twin. Decked out in lavish ball gowns and masks, Nikki and her guests are totally in awe when they witness how Brie has transformed their chateau.

"This is, like, I'm in heaven," Nikki happily notes to her friends while sipping on champagne. "Let them eat cake!"

Despite all the previous celebrating, Nikki finally confesses that the Paris getaway hasn't really felt like a bachelorette party…until now. Still, Nikki and Brie's close friend Shawna assures her this is very normal, as she was "all cool and calm" until her actual wedding day.

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In an attempt to practice for her big day, Nikki has her friends gather round as she mimics walking down a wedding aisle. And, unsurprisingly, the bride-to-be already has the wedding march down!

"It's because she's been a bridesmaid so much she knows the walk," Brie teases through laughter.

Clearly, Nikki is now far more excited about her impending nuptials as she fake throws a bouquet and laughs along with her gal pals.

"I feel like I'm truly now having my bachelorette party," Nikki concludes in a confessional. "I'm on my way to get married. I'm on my way to become Mrs. Cena and that dream I had as a little girl, it's coming true."

Watch the happy celebration play out in the clip above!

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