Halsey Gushing About G-Eazy Will Break Your Heart: "I Love Everything About Him"

Songstress announced last week that she and her longtime beau were taking time apart
By Samantha Schnurr Jul 13, 2018 7:16 PMTags
Halsey and G-Eazy's Cutest Moments
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However, our hearts truly cracked in half when she began to describe how they spent their time together "playing roles."

"If we wake up and we're in the mood to be old-school, I'll put on a sundress and a hat, and he'll wear his hair slicked back and his shirt tucked in, and we'll get in his '65 Mustang and drive down to Malibu and go eat in a cafe by the beach and sing Amy Winehouse in the car," she described to Marie Claire, noting their other scenarios might involve a cabin in the woods or a fancy car and jewels. 

"I've had partners who don't want to play along. It feels stupid. I love curating an experience, changing it up. And he's so that way with me," she continued explaining. "I haven't found someone who matches every version of me until him. Like, he's my left sneaker. For every version of him, there's a version of me to match."

There it is—a dagger through the heart. 

While it sounds like things were copacetic between the two, a source revealed to E! News that there was conflict bubbling behind the scenes. 

"They both tried to remain strong to ensure their work commitments together went smoothly, but ultimately called it quits after too much fighting," the insider explained. "The trust was lost between the pair when they were apart, and it got too difficult for both of them." 

Though they're both busy on the road this summer, a future reconciliation is not entirely out of the question. As the source noted, "They are taking time apart to heal right now, but both definitely miss each other."

The August issue of Marie Claire hits newsstands July 19.