5 Life Lessons Prince George Has Taught Us Before His Fifth Birthday

Even though he's a prince, the birthday boy has managed to be just like any other kid

By Jennifer Cullen Jul 22, 2018 10:00 AMTags
Prince GeorgePool/Sam Hussein/WireImage

Prince George is turning five, and he's already accomplished a whole lot more than most people do in a lifetime.

Ever since he was born on July 22, 2013, Kate Middleton and Prince William's son has made a name for himself as the next generation of the royals. He is destined to be king one day, but seems blissfully unaware of his impending responsibilities.

Instead, he's just like any other five-year-old—he loves sports, playing with police cars and hanging out with his family. That family just happens to be royal.

Through the tidbits we know about the young prince, he has become a bit of an inspiration in more ways than one. Here are five life lessons we've learned from the birthday boy.

Prince George's Cutest Photos

1. You're Never Too Young to See the World: Traveling is an important part of royal duties, and at only five-years-old, Prince George has done his fair share. He took his first trip when he was only a few months old to Mustique, a Caribbean island that is an annual vacation for the Middleton family. His first official royal tour came when he was just nine months old, visiting Australia and New Zealand. Since then, he has continued to explore new places including the French Alps, Canada, Poland and Germany.

2. It Pays to Be a Good Big Brother: Being the oldest sibling is a lot of responsibility, but George has proven that he's up for the challenge. He immediately embraced his big brother role after his sister Princess Charlotte was born just before his second birthday. Since then, the siblings have become quite the duo. The Duchess of Cambridge shared that Charlotte "always wants to have a play date" with George. Queen Elizabeth II even commented on their sibling dynamic, telling a commoner that Charlotte usually takes the reign in the relationship and "looks after" her brother. George became a big brother yet again after the birth of Prince Louis, and we can't wait for cute brother moments to come.

Kensington Palace

3. Meeting Important People Doesn't Have to Be Intimidating: Prince George has hung out around some of the most famous celebrities and world leaders. But to him, they're just like anybody else. The prince hilariously donned pajamas and a white robe to meet President Barack Obama, during which he was allowed to stay up past his bedtime. In another adorable moment, George seemed to have rejected a high five from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

4. When in Doubt, Strike a Pose: George has become known for his silly personality, which was apparent from a young age due to his public antics. He's never afraid to strike a fun pose for photographers and has embraced his public role like a pro. Just like his mom, George has become somewhat of a fashion icon with the media-termed "Prince George Effect." Almost every time George is seen wearing an item of clothing, it sells out immediately. Obviously, the prince is the perfect model.

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5. Big Families Mean Bigger Fun: The royals are just like any other family, just a little bit more prominent. And like any other kid, George spends a lot of time with his family, including his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, who he calls "Gan Gan," and his many cousins. In fact, it seems like his cousins pick on the future monarch like they would anyone else. Cousin Savannah Phillips attracted attention after jokingly shushing George on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Just a few weeks later, Savannah pushed her cousin down a hill at a polo match. But there's no family rivalry here, as it seems like George is in on the fun.

Happy Birthday again, Prince George!