This Cat Can't Stop Interrupting a Polish Professor's TV Interview

Jerzy Targalski remains unbothered when his four-legged friend joins his chat on a news program

By Mike Vulpo Jul 09, 2018 8:06 PMTags

If you ask us, this interview went pretty purrrfect.

Over the weekend, Polish professor Jerzy Targalski decided to participate in an interview with Dutch news program Nieuwsuur.

While he was brought on the show to discuss the forced removal of the head of Poland's Supreme Court, viewers around the world are talking about a completely different subject.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we discuss this furry cat who totally crashed his owner's special gig?

Perhaps it's the way the pet just climbs onto his shoulders like it's NBD. Maybe it's the way Jerzy gently pulls away the cat's tail on more than one occasion.

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Whatever the case may be, the video has quickly gone viral and people can't stop watching!

And for those wondering, none of the footage actually made it into the final segment. The cat, however, does make a cameo while sitting on a chair next to his owner.

If only they knew what happened behind the scenes. Oh wait, we do!

The video also has fans thinking about the time children interrupted their dad's BBC interview in March 2017. Robert Kelly was trying to discuss an important topic when his toddler daughter busted into his office.

In just a few minutes, she became the star of the interview until a baby decided to join the party in a baby walker.

You just never know what could happen at an interview.