Ashley Greene Is Married! Twilight Star Says "I Do" to Paul Khoury

Couple gathers their family and friends together for a special celebration

By Mike Vulpo Jul 07, 2018 12:33 AMTags

Ashley Greene is officially off the market!

The Twilight star married her longtime boyfriend Paul Khoury Friday evening in a private wedding ceremony, according to Brides.

According to the magazine, close to 120 guests including Robert Pattinson, Lauren and Aaron Paul and Evan Ross were able to witness the couple say "I Do" at an outdoor venue in San Jose, Calif. 

The bride wore Katie May for the ceremony and turned to Windi Williams-Stern, owner of Studio Unbiased, to create her reception gown.

The special day comes more than a year and half after the couple got engaged during the "most beautiful" proposal. At the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls in New Zealand, Paul got down on knee to ask the special question. As you likely could have guessed, she said yes!

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"This is the most beautiful moment I could have ever hoped for. You've successfully made me the happiest, luckiest woman alive," Ashley shared on Instagram when first confirming the news. "I can't wait to show you my unfaltering immeasurable love for the rest of our lives. #engaged #loveofmylife #futurehusband."

Ever since the fairytale proposal was revealed, fans were hoping to get any and all wedding details. Ultimately, the pair maintained that they were not in a rush to say "I Do." Instead, they were simply enjoying their new relationship status.

"I'm still at the point of looking down at my hand and going 'Oh, my God! I'm engaged!'...I kind of want to relish in that first before taking on planning a wedding," Ashley shared with us in February 2017. "We are going to try to make it as easy as possible but planning a wedding is a stressful thing for anyone and I just want to enjoy being engaged before I go down that road."

And that she did! One look at the actress' Instagram and you'll be able to see just some of the many adventures the couple enjoyed before their wedding.

From trips to the Coachella Music Festival or holiday celebrations such as the Fourth of July, these two love spending time together.

"My forever #mcm," Ashley shared on Instagram. Congratulations you two!