Gigi Hadid

Mario Sorrenti for V Magazine

As two of the highest paid models in the industry, it would be easy for Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid to form a sibling rivalry. But instead of competing against each other, the two sisters support one another and celebrate each other's successes.

During an interview for V Magazine, the eldest of the supermodel sisters discussed having a successful sibling in the same field with someone who could totally relate—Serena Williams.

"I absolutely love it," Gigi said. "It's very rare to have what Bella and I have in fashion, what you and Venus [Williams] have in tennis. I feel lucky to be able to have a piece of home in my work environment. We are each other's biggest fans. It has been a huge joy of my life to watch my little sister flourish and to help when I can!"

Gigi Hadid

Mario Sorrenti for V Magazine

Bella has echoed similar sentiments when asked about working in the same industry as her sister in the past.

"Most of the time our markets are completely different," she told Harper's Bazaar Arabia in 2017, "and if we get booked on a job and she gets it or I get it, we're both happy for each other. There are enough jobs in the world for both of us. There's no reason for us to be mad at each other or competitive. So if she gets it, then good for her. We're in the family so she can buy me a pair of shoes."

In fact, Gigi admitted she's most competitive with herself.

"It's interesting because I think most of my competitive nature comes from my mental competition with myself," she told V Magazine. "I'm competitive with my personal best; I won't stop if I know I can do better."

This mentality likely came from their mother Yolanda Hadid. When asked if her daughters were competitive with one another during an interview with W Magazine, the proud mother replied, "No, because I taught them at a very early age that it's not about competing with anybody—it's about becoming your personal best."

She then added, "Elbowing other women—well, there's just already enough space for everyone to shine. And in Gigi and Bella's case, they're so different, especially with their looks. In the industry, if someone's looking for you know, the all-American, blonde, blue eyes, they're not gonna book Bella, and if they're looking for someone darker and exotic, they're not gonna book Gigi. So they're not in competition, and I think they got that messaging very early on, before they even started their careers."

Mario Sorrenti photographed Gigi for the new issue of V Magazine. To read more of Gigi's interview, visit

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