Kylie Jenner, Cut-Crease Master, Shares Cake-Free Concealer Tips

Plus, when she'll let daughter Stormi wear makeup

By Diana Nguyen Jun 27, 2018 8:33 PMTags

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to a good beauty tutorial.

We've seen her share her tips, tricks and swatches all over social media—now she's facing Vogue's camera to drop a few more gems you probably didn't know.

Yes, there's the expected Kylie Cosmetics and even KKW Beauty plugs (including her latest shadow palette), but the makeup mogul also shares a few of her other product obsessions, in addition to some cute family details about momager Kris Jenner and daughter, Stormi Webster. You'll see the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star line her lips, but did you know she can do it with her eyes closed? Contouring is obviously a must, but did you know Kylie only uses the baking technique below her cheekbones? Lots of secrets have been revealed, but here are the best tidbits from the video.

Use Concealer as Eye Primer: Need to save a buck or two? Forgo the eye primer and bank on a multi-use purpose. "I conceal right underneath to shape the brow and then I apply it all over my lid as a base for my eye shadow. I take my Beauty Blender and just blend it out," noted Kylie, who expertly brings the formula from the brow bone down onto her eyelid.

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Fingers Are Her Friends: While Kylie uses brushes to create an eye shadow cut crease and to add pigment in the corner of the eyes, she prefers to apply shadow pigment across the lid with her fingers. She also likes to apply highlight on her nose with her digits. 

Her Other Current Beauty Obsessions: "I just found these Marc Jacobs Fantasy Dew Drops and I'm kind of obsessed," she said as she mixes the illuminator into her foundation. Kylie is also a fan of Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15, which she uses as a powder sunscreen after applying foundation and concealer.

When Stormi Can Wear Makeup: "My mom always let me wear makeup. It was only my dad that didn't really want me to wear makeup, but my mom always let me be creatively wild and go to my sixth grade class with purple eye shadow and a cut crease," she revealed. "I'm going to let Stormi wear makeup, but when is the question."

Her Cake-Free Concealer Trick: "I used to conceal my forehead but I don't do that anymore because I feel like when you have a cakey forehead, it gives away that you're wearing makeup," she shares.

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Bake After You Bronze: "I can't do my makeup without baking. I think it really does help. Baking is like [when] powder is soaking into your skin and leaving a residue of color," she says as she applies baking powder from right under cheekbones down to the rest of her face," so it shapes her face." She'll let it rest until the new mom finishes the rest of her face, then dust off the powder.

She Can Line Lips With Eyes Closed: "When I was insecure about my lips, I turned to makeup to feel more confident," she shares.

She's a Rule-Breaker: "It's actually against the rules to mascara your [faux] lashes but I don't care," Kylie says after applying a coat of Diorshow Blackout Mascara to her faux lashes. She then uses brown mascara on her bottom lash line for a more subtle look.

More Brow Gel, the Better: Finally, to finish off the look, Kylie dots the tip of a brow gel wand across her brows to get the most product off the wand, then she brushes up. Good brows, all day, all day, right?

Did you learn anything new from Kylie's Vogue tutorial?