A Set It Up Sequel Could Be in the Works

Exclusive: Director Claire Scanlon weighs in on which character she'd like to focus on should Netflix want a sequel for their sleeper hit rom-com

By Tierney Bricker Jun 26, 2018 4:57 PMTags
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On June 15, the same day her new movie Set It Up debuted on Netflix, Zoey Deutch took to Instagram to ask one of the most important questions of our time: "So ummm... do we get to make a second or wut?"

Everyone whose watched the charming romantic comedy about two overworked assistants attempting to set up their demanding bosses is asking the same thing, wanting to spend even more time in the rat-a-tat-tat world created by writer Katie Silberman and director Claire Scanlon.

Fortunately for us, they seem to want to spend more time with Harper (Deutch), Charlie (Glenn Powell), Kirsten (Lucy Liu) and Rick (Taye Diggs), too. 

"Katie's already come up with the idea. She already has a plan. We were joking about it on set," Scanlon told E! News in a phone interview. "We really like these characters!"

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But on-set joking does not a sequel yet make, with Scanlon sharing some a few ideas that have been tossed around. 

"[Katie] was like, 'They go to a wedding! They want to set up their friends at a wedding!' I was like, 'No the sequel should be about Rick and Kirsten!' They're not getting together, but their respective relationships."


For Scanlon, she's more interested in shifting the focus from Charlie and Harper to Rick and more specifically Kirsten, the successful and striking sports journalist who has standards—both professionally and personally—higher than her heels. 

"To me what would be interesting to see is Kirsten, where does she go next? The character Rick has clearly opened a door or her and made her realize, 'I'm worthy of a personal life and I deserve this,'" Scanlon said. "I'd love to see where that goes. Honestly, it's the Kirsten character that I would want to explore. There's a world out there that you would want to explore. It'd be interesting to see where it goes."

Scanlon had previously shared that a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor that revealed some of Kirsten's backstory via a telling lunch with her mother. "Her mom is just very—not intentionally—dismissive and holds a very high standard, [and] looks down on the sports journalism website." 

Regardless of whether or not a Set It Up sequel comes to fruition, Netflix has leaned into the romantic-comedy genre, with a handful of movies being released this summer, including The Kissing Booth (already a massive success), Like Father (starring Kristen Bell) and To All the Boys I've Loved Before (based on a bestselling YA novel), among others.

"Here's the thing: they know what people want to watch, they know more than studios know, and they really can figure all this stuff out and as a result, they are programming accordingly," Scanlon said of the online streaming giant. "It's terrific. I'm thrilled." 


Set It Up is currently available to stream on Netflix