Queer Eye's Fab Five Defend Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Quick Engagement

Netflix series stars express their support of the couple's speedy romance

By Samantha Schnurr Jun 25, 2018 3:31 PMTags
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Queer Eye's Fab Five have spoken on the biggest subject in Hollywood. 

The five stars of the hit Netflix reboot are no strangers to pop culture (especially now that they're BFFs with some of the best in the business), so when they appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Sunday night, one fan wanted their take on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's speedy engagement.

As a very quick recap, the couple startled everyone when, less than a month after they were confirmed to be "casually" dating, they got engaged

The fan question was aimed particularly at Tan France, who helped revamp the SNL comedian's wardrobe back in March when he was still with ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David

Naturally, the response was a freshly scooped bowl of support. "I'm very, very happy for them. I couldn't be more happy," he said in the sit-down with Andy Cohen. "I think if anybody finds love that's amazing. I will always support that."

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The caller also asked if he has since helped Davidson pick out clothes to wear for her. "I just went shopping with him a couple days ago, so yes," he revealed. 

While the songstress and comic's courtship has been seemingly short, France has some relevant personal experience. "I told my husband five days into it that I would marry him and he said the same and we're together ten years later, so who knows," he said in defense of the couple. 

Jonathan Van Ness, resident grooming pro, also weighed in. "If Pete and Ariana want to say the day they started dating until the day...that's their business," he added. 

While Karamo Brown admitted to texting Davidson to get the scoop because he was also curious, Antoni Porowski had the simplest rebuttal to the ongoing pop culture debate over this couple. 


As the show's most avid cheese lover put it, "Sometimes you just know."