Captain of the "Big Boob Army" Educates the Doctors About Her Luxurious Life as a Sugar Baby on Botched!

By Alyssa Ray Jun 26, 2018 2:30 PMTags
Watch: Drs. Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif Meet a Real-Life Sugar Baby

This sugar queen has lived the high life!

On Wednesday's all new episode of Botched, Nina educates Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif about the luxurious sugar baby life.

"A sugar baby is a young lady that is dating older men who provide for her," Nina explains to the baffled doctors.

Still confused by Nina's career path, the Botched docs ask for more details regarding the financial aspect of the position. Apparently, most sugar babies are granted "a monthly allowance!"

"An average sugar baby can get her cellphone bill or something paid. And then you have the elite sugar babies which get maybe $6,000 a month," the plastic surgery enthusiast continues. "And then you have sugar queens, like me, that go higher."

The Many Boobs of Botched

Per Nina, "the only aspect that classifies it as a sugar relationship is the age difference." This comment inspires Dr. Dubrow to tease Dr. Nassif about whether he'd ever consider getting himself a sugar baby...and Paul doesn't shut down the idea!

"Maybe when I'm 75, if I'm still single, then I might consider becoming a sugar daddy maybe at that age," Dr. Nassif relays in a confessional.

However, being a successful sugar queen comes with a lot of responsibility, as Nina reveals she's also the "captain of the Boobinati" (AKA the "big boob army" or "big boob mafia")!

This title doesn't sit well with Terry, as he feels he's more connected in the big boob community!

"I'm a breast surgeon, and let's be honest, I look like the pope," Dr. Dubrow jokes. "If anyone knows about the Boobinati, it's me!"

Learn all about sugar babies and Nina's Boobinati in the clip above!

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