This Botched Patient Has "Lumps" in His Biceps and Thigh-Sized Triceps!

By Alyssa Ray Jun 25, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Guy Gives Doctor Who Botched His Biceps a Second Chance

"People make mistakes," but one doctor seriously Botched this man's arms!

On Wednesday's all new episode, Joey opens up about the second chance he gave one surgeon, which led to disastrous results. The Botched patient's journey started back in 2012 when he learned that he had cancer, lymphoma specifically, and needed a year of chemotherapy.

While Joey successfully completed his treatment, the chemo took a toll on his body. "So before the chemo, I was maintaining a weight of 150 pounds. After, I went down to 118 pounds," Joey explains. "I went to my doctor and he said my muscle mass got affected by the chemo."

After "working out" and "doing the protein," Joey was able to gain seven pounds back, but was still dissatisfied with his physical appearance.

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"I decided to get a little silicone implant in my bicep to give me a little bulk, because I'm so self-conscious about my arms," Joey continues.

Despite seeking out a supposed "expert in male implants," things did not go according to plan.

"My left bicep seemed to develop a lot of fluid," Joey shares in regards to his first procedure. "I had to have it drained four times, and then it started to shrink."

Although the doctor hadn't seen "anything like this before," he surmised a second procedure was necessary. Shockingly, Joey went back to the same doctor and asked for tricep implants to be added.


Once again, things did not turn out as expected.

"My left bicep seemed to develop three little balls of fat, like lumps," Joey notes. "And my triceps are so big I think, maybe, he ordered a thigh implant instead of a tri!"

To make matters worse, the sloppy surgeon ignored Joey's attempts at contact after the second chance procedure. Hopefully, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif can right this wrong!

Hear Joey's story in the clip above!

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