Kristen Bell Reacts to Being Called a Power Couple Alongside Dax Shepard

The Good Place star is surprised by the admiration for her relationship

By Jennifer Cullen Jun 21, 2018 12:23 AMTags
Watch: Kristen Bell Reacts to Her and Dax's "Power Couple" Title

We here at E! News are the first to call Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard the ultimate power couple. But what does the couple think of the title? 

During a screening event for The Good Place Wednesday night in Hollywood, the cast was celebrating the success of NBC's comedy that just announced their season three premiere date. 

But after Ted Danson referred to Kristen and Dax as a "power couple," we had to get her reaction. 

"What a high compliment coming from him and Mary [Steenburgen]. I'll take it," Kristen shared with E! News' Will Marfuggi. "I don't know what we have power over. It's certainly not each other or our children.

She added, "We don't feel powerful." 

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: Romance Rewind

Kristen and Dax, who have been together since 2007, wed in 2013 after California passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. They are parents to two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

The couple never fails to keep it real and openly talks about the ups and downs of their relationship. The actors often share their day-to-day married life on social media and unlike most celeb couples, they are extremely relatable.

"We really just get by. We feel, you know, a little vulnerable just as much as everyone else does," Kristen concluded.

Speaking of power, Kristen admitted that she still has some influence over her kids. And while they may hear mom and dad swear, they're not allowed to replicate some language. 

"We don't limit ourselves as much as we should at home," she shared with us. "The way we explain it is, 'Look, you're five years old. You can't drive my car. You can't vote. You can't drink alcohol. You can't swear.' So far, they've obliged." 

The Good Place returns with its third season Thursday, Sept. 27th on NBC.