A Simple Breast Augmentation Turned Deadly for One Botched Patient: ''You Didn't Go to a Surgeon, You Went to an Assassin''

By Mona Khalifeh Jun 20, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Birthday Boob Job Gone Wrong

Not all treats are sweet!

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Botched, Jessica shares her story of the breast augmentation that almost took her life.

"I decided to treat myself to breasts for my birthday," Jessica tells the doctors. "The very next day, the left breast was swollen up twice the size of the right breast and the nipple was turning purple."

Jessica went back to her doctor, but she seemed in no rush to treat what had now turned into a hematoma.

"There are a few absolutes in medicine and surgery and one of the most significant, is that when you get a collection of blood in a pocket in the body, you go right to the operating room and you remove it," Dr. Terry Dubrow explains to the camera.

Even as Jessica developed infections in other parts of her breasts, her doctor assured her it was all part of the healing process.


"The nipple was black at this point and crusting over. And the incisions themselves are bursting open at this point and oozing and bleeding. And she looked and she said, 'That's gonna absorb itself. You're gonna be fine,'" Jessica reveals.

It wasn't until Jessica visited her family doctor that she found out just how deadly her infection was.

"The second I took my shirt off she freaked out. 'You have MRSA,'" Jessica says.

"You didn't go to a surgeon, you went to an assassin," a shocked Dr. Dubrow says.

Due to her "cancerous doctor," Jessica was forced to remove most of her breasts. Her hope now, is that the doctors can give her the breasts she always wanted.

Hear about Jessica's brush with death in the clip above.

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