Get all the Details on Teddi Mellencamp's Accountability Program

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has got a lot to say about her Accountability Program, which is featured on her Instagram

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It's time to be accountable!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill's Teddi Mellencamp is giving E! News some tips (free ones!) from her super popular healthy living Instagram, which has over 300,000 followers, and her accountability program, All In by Teddi Mellencamp.

Growing up with famous father John Mellencamp, the 36-year-old mother of two, who now works as an accountability coach, knows what it means to be in the spotlight and what it means to strive to look and feel your best.

We've got all the details on how the self-described "workout junkie" thought up her accountability program, how it came about and how you can incorporate her tips into your fast-paced life.

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Q: What Factors Inspired You to Make Some Changes?

A: "For starters my whole life I've fluctuated weight. So, I first moved out to L.A. I gained a bunch of weight. Then I did some fad diets, I'd lose weight, then I'd gain weight, then I'd lose weight. You know, it was just kind of always back and forth and then after I got pregnant with my son, my second I had such a hard time getting pregnant and I was on all these different medications to try to keep him and then after he was born, the weight really just didn't come off. I lost 30 pounds, but when you gain 86 pounds, 30 pounds isn't that much. I was working out, but I wasn't eating great and I wasn't really holding myself accountable. I was holding myself accountable to being a good mom, but I had kind of felt like I had lost my purpose and how to help myself...you know to be the best mom, to be the best wife, to be the best that I could actually be."

Q: How Did the Accountability Program Start?

A: "I started this Instagram, which was just a selfie of me. I have my other Instagram that's my family Instagram, but it was by myself and it was just me a selfie with my kids, and I said 'hey guys, I'm on a mission to get in the best shape of my life. Follow me. Follow me if you're interested.' So it started with 36 followers. My best friend said I texted, like 'Hey follow me guys, we got to get this going.'"

Q: How Did Your Instagram Start Growing?

A: "At first everybody didn't really know what was happening, I was just kind of putting one foot in front of the other, but I was posting every day and I was still posting my workouts and then it wasn't until I realized...okay 80 percent of this is about food, it's not about workouts. Once I made that shift, my transformation 100 percent changed. Social media saw the change, my friends saw the change, and then once my friends saw it I said, 'can I put you through this program?' They were all kind of in the same boat as me, we all have kids the same age, they all had weight to lose, they all kind of were great moms, but they just didn't take any time for themselves. I said, " I'm going to have you send me your weight, your workouts, and what you're eating every day and let's see what happens. They did it for two weeks, which is how I got the two week jump start and their transformations were incredible, and I posted those on social media. And then just like that…"

Q: How Did the Business Form?

A: "It just started out of me not really knowing, but now I've done a lot of research on businesses and things like that and that's kind of always how they start. It's just somebody passionate about what they're doing and just taking the next step. So it started with having a rotating amount of forty clients a piece and then as I started getting bigger, I started promoting women or clients that had graduated themselves and seemed like they would be a good fit that also have fully changed their lifestyles. So now we have over 500 clients, assisting coaches, we have a huge waitlist. We want to be able to keep growing, but I have to do it organically so I won't promote somebody that hasn't done the program. I don't believe in not practicing what you preach."

Q: What Does the Program Consist Of?

A: "The program consists of diet and exercise. I'd say to everybody get a doctors approval before starting the program so that everybody is on board. But, you have to be able to commit to an hour of activity a day. That doesn't mean you have to be able to run a hour a day, that means you could push your child in a stroller for an hour a day, you could go to a spin class, whatever it is. An hour of activity a day. You weigh in in the morning, and then you eat certain foods for the two week jumpstart and you send me those foods. Essentially you have to eat them by a certain time, breakfast has to be eaten by 10 a.m., lunch has to be eaten by 2 p.m., and dinner has to be eaten by 8 p.m. Then your snacks you can have throughout the day, I'm not as particular about those. It's so doable."

Q: You Give People Meal Plans and Then They Text You About the Food and Diet?

A: "Yes, they are sending proof of food, workout, and weight every day. I know weight is a controversial topic so I want to discuss that. For me the weight is not about punishment, it doesn't matter if your scale goes up, but it's so you can learn what works for your body and what doesn't."

Q: Any Eating Tips?

A: "A little tip is that I would never do a dessert and alcohol in the same night. So if you're going to drink you're not having dessert, If you're going to have dessert you're not drinking. You have to have balance."

Q: What Does Your Standard Day Entail?

A: "My standard day, my day-to-day work-mom life is: I wake up in the morning. My husband and I rotate, so one of us will do early morning workout and then the other one will kind of be here in case the kids wake up or else I'll have a Peloton at my house that I'll use. But, I'll try to work out in the mornings early because that's when I feel my best. I always start my day with a full glass of water, before anything else, before I have a cup of coffee. I have one cup of coffee, workout I do cardio. For me I just want to focus on feeling good so I do cardio. For breakfast I have either oatmeal with just a touch of brown sugar and then either blueberries or strawberries. I always have a morning snack, like because I eat breakfast early like by 8, morning snack which would either be an apple, a clementine, some berries if I didn't have berries in my cereal I mean in my oatmeal and then lunch. My standard thing is that I make these salads that are arugula, brown rice and quinoa mix, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, some sunflower seeds, lime juice, and then just a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar."

Q: Are You Keeping Any of the Housewives Accountable?

A: "No, I mean of course Kyle [Richards] and I work out together, but no. I think that you kind of keep those things separate. I like working out with my friends but no, I would never say to any housewives or any person in general you should join my program, you should do my program because that has to be something you want to do.

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