Can the Botched Doctors Turn This Aspiring Pop Star Into Britney Spears?

By Mona Khalifeh Jun 07, 2018 2:00 AMTags
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Who wouldn't want to be Britney, bitch? 

On this week's all-new BotchedBryan wants to take his pop star good looks to the next level by going full-on Britney Spears. While he already impersonates the famous singer, the only thing standing between him and Brit is a brand new nose.

"I'm happy with the tip of my nose. It's cute, petite, kind of feminine. But, I really need my nose to be a bit more narrow to look like Britney," Bryan gushed.

After taking a look at Bryan's nose in the exam room, Dr. Paul Nassif wasn't so sure that was the best idea.

"Right now if you go and have a doctor, even me who's done thousands of osteotomies try to fracture your bones again, here's what's gonna happen: First of all, the asymmetry here in the lower part of your nose is gonna become worse and what's gonna happen is one side will just go 'pish' and collapse in," Dr. Nassif explained. 

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Not only would Bryan's nose look worse, his breathing would deteriorate which would mean the end of his Britney inspired dance routines.

"Obviously I'm a bit disappointed, but it's jut not worth the risk," Bryan said.

Transgender activist Rajee made her Botched return this week to take care of some pesky nodules caused by cement she had injected into her face years back.

"They sent me off with this beautiful face and like, I let them down. And now here I am again," a disappointed Rajee said.

Despite the setback, the doctors were determined to get rid of the foreign bodies bringing her down and give Rajee the face of her dreams.

"What I'm hoping, is if we go back in there that whatever I left, I can remove," Dr. Terry Dubrow told Rajee.

The nodules have also caused Rajee's eyes to droop down, so Dr. Dubrow suggested making that correction at the same time, but the procedure was not an easy one.

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"I got very little sleep last night because I had to go very deep in Rajee's face where all of the nerve and blood supply is, but I immediately can see that there's no nerve injuries thank goodness," a relieved Dr. Dubrow said.

Even with a bandaged face, Rajee was as bubbly as ever.

"After having this surgery, if things are going the way I think they're going it's going to mean even more freedom for me," Rajee hoped.

And that freedom enabled Rajee to debut her fixed face with pride.

"I look beautiful as ever and I look forward to spreading my message of equality until every single human being on the planet feels the love that the doctors showed me," Rajee promised. 

Brittany grew up with breasts that didn't develop properly, but the real problem came when her surgeon tried to even them out.

"He said, 'What we could do is put this valve in here and that would allow me to adjust the size of the breasts if we had any issues after surgery.' I still have the valve," Brittany told the doctors.

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"Adjustable saline implants are only to be put in for a very short period of time," Dr. Dubrow revealed. "I'm actually really curious to see what it looks like after this long a period."

 To get Brittany the symmetrical breasts she wanted, Dr. Dubrow had to give her new implants.

"Option number two is to take the left implant out, put a new implant in there. If we put a new implant on the left, you have to put an implant on the right," Dr. Dubrow explained.

Getting the valve out wasn't easy, but Dr. Dubrow was able to give Brittany even breasts and salvage both of her nipples.

With her new chest, Brittany had more than just her degree to be proud of at her nursing school graduation.

"I have new boobs now that are truly gonna give me the confidence in life I need to just really grab it by the horns and say, 'Hey, I got this,'" Brittany chimed.

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