Jesse Williams Hits Back Against Ex-Wife's Request for Increased Child Support

Grey's Anatomy star and Aryn Drake-Lee's divorce battle continues
By McKenna Aiello Jun 05, 2018 12:27 PMTags
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Williams states in the documents, "We agreed that our children should live a simple life without wasting money on extravaganza," citing Ikea furniture, home-cooked meals and low-cost family gatherings as proof of their lifestyle. 

Additionally, the 36-year-old volunteers to pay 100 percent of the children's private school tuition. 

"A constant theme throughout our divorce proceedings has been Aryn marginalizing me as a father and frustrating my custodial timeshare with the children," Williams adds in the documents. "Aryn continues to engage in this type of behavior and punish me for having a career and working hard to provide for our family." 

Williams and Drake-Lee split after five years of marriage in April 2017. Meanwhile, multiple outlets report Jesse is currently dating sports anchor Taylor Rooks

E! News has reached out to both Williams and Drake-Lee's attorneys for comment.