Britney Spears Impersonator and Aspiring Alien Pow Wow About Plastic Surgery on Botched!

By Alyssa Ray Jun 06, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: "Botched" Patients Bond Over Nose Issues

A Britney Spears impersonator and an alien come together to talk plastic surgery...what could go wrong?

Britney wannabe Bryan sits down with Botched alum Vinny in this clip from Wednesday's all-new episode. As Bryan is eager for Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to transform his nose, he inquires all about the docs to his close friend.

As you may recall, Vinny sought Terry and Paul's help amid his quest to become the "perfect alien." Although the Botched doctors said they could reconstruct the nose to help Vinny breathe better, they refused to deform it!

"Me and Bryan have a lot in common. In terms of him being Britney and me being alien," Vinny comments in a confessional. "We're both striving for a different picture."

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Since Botched viewers last saw Vinny, the self-proclaimed extraterrestrial being has had his cheeks, brow bone and lips done for "normal alien maintenance."

As the plastic surgery enthusiast still pursues his journey for "galaxy realness," he willingly recommends the Botched docs to Bryan.

"You are in such good hands," Vinny relays to Bryan. "I've never had doctors be so honest with me about my transition to become an alien."

"They pushed me away, girl. But I have faith," the aspiring alien quips.

It helps that Vinny has a crush on the surgeons!

"They're cute," gushes Vinny. "Like Dubrow? I feel it."

Catch Vinny and Bryan's plastic surgery pow wow in the clip above!

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