Is This Famous Movie Star Dating His Publicist?

Get all the scoop from Jack Ketsoyan and Kevin Dickson's Guilty Pleasure

By Beth Sobol May 31, 2018 5:00 PMTags
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In Hollywood, nobody knows an A-list celebrity better than their publicist. After all, it's the publicist who's responsible for cleaning up a star's messes—and making sure the public only hears and sees the good stuff. But is it possible that a celebrity and his publicist can get so close they...fall in love?

That proved to be the case in 2017's Blind Item, a juicy beach read featuring heroine Nicola Wallace, an up-and-coming PR girl who finds herself head over heels for her own client, Hollywood icon Seamus O'Riordan. And to her surprise, Seamus fell for her right back. Last summer, readers couldn't get enough of them. Now, they're both back in the book's sizzling sequel, Guilty Pleasure.

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This time, the stakes are greater. Not only do they still have to conspire against the paparazzi to keep their relationship a secret, but they're also scrambling to cover up Seamus' messy trip to rehab—which means deflecting the public's attention by setting him up in a fake romance with a fame-hungry television actress. Along for the ride is Nicola's powerful boss, her tabloid reporter BFF and her conniving, reality star, frenemy. The pressure is so intense that by the end of the book, one of them doesn't make it out alive.

Kristin Cavallari called Blind Item a "sexy, fun read that pulls back the curtain for an inside look at the Hollywood that's behind the glitz and the glamour." Both books were written veteran publicist Jack Ketsoyan and entertainment journalist Kevin Dickson, so you know these guys know what they're talking about.

When you're packing your beach bag this summer, no doubt you'll want a copy of Guilty Pleasure tucked inside.

Guilty Pleasure is out June 5.