Maroon 5's Best Celebrity Music Video Cameos, From "Girls Like You" to "Don't Wanna Know"

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Maroon 5 just dropped a cameo-packed music video for "Girls Like You" and there are so many celebs we don't know where to look!

In the latest video from the rock group, which features Cardi B as part of the remix, there are a ton of massive female celebs that make an appearance. Everyone from Ellen DeGeneres and Gal Gadot to Camila Cabello and Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim get their moment in the sun.

With all of these stars in one place it got us wondering if any other celebrities had been featured in a Maroon 5 video and the short answer is...heck yes.

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Over the past two decades the Los Angeles based band has created some epic music videos that we will never forget. The real treat however has been all of the actresses, comedians and models they've managed to book for a lot of them. Not to mention all the actual collaborations the group has done over the years with artists like Christina Aguilera and Rihanna. Those videos however are for another day.

When it comes to celeb cameos, there have been six killer videos with massive star power that we especially love. Songs like "She Will Be Loved" and "Animals" for example had big names attached to their videos and when you re-watch them you'll definitely remember. Scroll through some of the band's best videos ever below and get ready to rock out as you do.

"Girls Like You" feat. Cardi B

This music video is simple—it shows Adam Levine standing at a mic and turning in a circle—but it's probably one of the band's very best. Throughout "Girls Like You" the woman standing behind (or next to) Levine continually changes. If you watch closely you'll see stars like Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Olympian Aly Raisman, Millie Bobby Brown, as well as female tech entrepreneur Amani Al-Khatahbeh and so many more. It ends with the lead singer hugging his wife Behati Prinsloo and daughter Dusty Rose and it's pure female magic. Oh, and Cardi B does her rap section in a mustard ensemble which is equally as wonderful.


If you love Baywatch or the Percy Jackson movies then you should definitely watch "Wait." The 2018 song off of Maroon 5's latest album Red Pill Blues stars Alexandra Daddario as the girl who Levine is constantly trying to fix things with. It's trippy, features a lot of fights and ends with the whole world unraveling. It's so strange and totally cool.

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"Animals" is one of the creepiest and yet sexiest music videos by the group. It stars Levine's wife Prinsloo as the lead character and her chemistry with Levine is undeniable. In the video Levine works at a butcher shop and takes stalker photos of the model on his time off. All we can say is there is a lot of nudity and blood...and it's a wild, wild video.

"Don't Wanna Know" feat. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar might sing on this track, but he doesn't show up in the video. Instead there are four major actors who make an appearance and they're great. "Don't Wanna Know" is a silly video that shows the band in weird costumes. They are being chased—with a vibe similar to Pokémon Go—and as Levine runs away from crowds he runs into Ed Helms. He then sees his love, played by Sarah Silverman (who is a giant orange circle character). After having a major house party, which has Shaquille O'Neal at it he eventually finds himself at a bar with Vince Vaughn. It's a lot to take in but it's fun from start to finish.

Celebrity Music Videos Cameos

"One More Night"

Friday Night Light's Minka Kelly is the major cameo you might've forgotten about in the "One More Night" video. She plays the wife of Levine and after he continues to box at night she packs up her things and their baby and leaves him. It's one of the group's more heartbreaking music video stories and even though they break up we just love this video…and song.

"She Will Be Loved"

As one of the biggest songs in the band's career we aren't that surprised by the iconic star of this video…Kelly Preston. She portrays a married woman whose daughter is dating Levine, but the two are secretly in love. It's a twisted love story and a classic Maroon 5 video.

Now it's your turn, vote for your favorite Maroon 5 video with a celebrity cameo below. Which star's appearance is the most memorable?


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Which Maroon 5 Music Video Cameo is Your Absolute Favorite?
All the women in "Girls Like You"
Alexandra Daddario in "Wait"
Behati Prinsloo in "Animals"
Sarah Silverman, Ed Helms &Vince Vaughn in "Don't Wanna Know"
Minka Kelly in "One More Night"
Kelly Preston in "She Will Be Loved"