Rose McGowan Celebrates Harvey Weinstein's Downfall on the Finale of CITIZEN ROSE: "We Win"

The actress turned activist celebrates new love, a victory over the monster and the culmination of her CITIZEN ROSE journey

By Mona Khalifeh Jun 01, 2018 3:00 AMTags
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Rose McGowan has a lot to celebrate.

In tonight's finale of CITIZEN ROSE, the activist rejoices in the news that Harvey Weinstein's The Weinstein Company filed for bankruptcy, releasing many of his victims from the non-disclosure agreements that kept them silent for so long.

"Since the articles came out, I was under a tremendous amount of stress to keep him down," McGowan said. "His ego is completely tied up in the myth of who he was and in his company and that's for me what had to die."

McGowan rang in the victory by sending a tearful birthday video to the monster with the message, "We win."

Her journey of bravery has also found her lucky in love

"I just kinda fell for someone in New York," McGowan revealed. "I think you definitely attract the level of health that you're at and so the people in my life now are a lot healthier, one person in particular, very much so."

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Before those milestone moments, McGowan jetted off to Italy to meet up with actress and fellow activist Asia Argento where she not only learned about Italy's movement, #WeToogether, but was able to participate in a march for International Women's Day.

"Today me and Rose are taking Rome. We're walking the streets, we're screaming with our sisters for our rights," Argento said.

"It felt really important to be in that march for women, the first one Italy has ever had," McGowan stressed.

The sheer magnitude of the historic march was almost overwhelming for McGowan.

"At one point I looked back and I was like, 'Oh my God, it's like a river of humans who all want better for women,'" McGowan gushed.

Rose McGowan Has to Adjust for Global Activism
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Her global mission came full circle when she visited the compound in Italy where she grew up as part of a group called Children of God.  

"The things that I remember about being little in Children of God, a lot of women were just called nannies and they collectively took care of the children," she shared.

Though her upbringing in Italy was confusing at times, McGowan was elated to revisit the place she believed her late father was happiest.

"He was very eccentric and very nice," the former duke of the group shared with Rose about her father. "I think Italy was his favorite part of life," McGowan told him. 

As she looked out onto the Italian coast, reflecting on the memories of her father, the activist couldn't help but feel a sense of closure in revisiting this bittersweet part of her life.

Watch the season finale to see how McGowan's "grand adventure" has brought her love and allowed her to start healing.