Rose McGowan Sheds Tears for Her Fallen Sisters During Visit to Anti-Femicide Mural on CITIZEN ROSE

The actress turned activist realizes she's not alone in this somber clip

By Alyssa Ray May 31, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Rose McGowan Visits "Murale Contro Il Femminicidio" in Italy

Domestic violence and sexual assault against women is an international epidemic.

Rose McGowan understands this fact first hand. However, the hard truth was further emphasized during a visit with Asia Argento to the "Mural Contro Il Femminicidio" in Italy.

In this clip from Thursday's CITIZEN ROSE finale, McGowan is moved to tears as she accompanies fellow actress Argento to a daunting mural which represents those who've died at the hands of domestic violence.

"All of these represent one of the many," Asia somberly reflects. "One woman every three days gets killed in Italy from their person that was telling them they loved them."

Rose McGowan Revisits Italian Childhood Compound

Understandably, the Charmed alum was more than moved by the poignant street art. In an attempt to pay tribute to her fallen sisters, Rose speaks aloud several of the victims' names.

"Seeing this wall of women just shows how much work there is to be done," Rose notes.

"I like to see passed just the figures," McGowan stresses. "Think of who they were. That they had a life. That they existed. That they mattered."

"These were full humans. Not just women, but humans," Rose concludes. "Just like you're a human."

See the somber moment in the clip above.