Rose McGowan Visits the Italian Compound Where She Was Raised in a Cult on CITIZEN ROSE

Actress is exploring her roots and reliving some life changing experiences

By Vannessa Jackson May 30, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Rose McGowan Revisits Italian Childhood Compound

Never forget where you come from. 

Rose McGowan is taking a hard look at her past on this week's episode of CITIZEN ROSE. The actress turned activist is in Italy with her aunt and decided to visit the place she grew up while her family was involved with Children of God. 

"He was very eccentric and very nice," one of the old members shares with Rose about her father. While Rose had a strong bond with her dad, she feels a little torn about her memories of the group. Mainly stemming from the amount of people who were responsible for raising her. 


"The things that I remember about being little in Children of God, a lot of women were just called nannies and they collectively took care of the children," she shares. "I recall my father more than I recall my mother during that period. I do remember a lot of different hands and a lot of different legs." 

While she admits it was nice having so many people around to take care of her, it put a lot of distance between her and her mom throughout her life. "Not really attaching to one person and being confused as to who or if there was one person that I was supposed to attach to," she reveals. 

Even if the experience was complicated for her, reliving it brings her a little closer to her late father who was very happy in that environment. "I think Italy was his favorite part of life," she recalls. 

See the emotional moment in the clip above.