Why You'll Be Addicted to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's New Beauty Site

Here's what you need to know about the model's just-launched platform

By Diana Nguyen May 29, 2018 8:12 PMTags

Rose all day...and we're not talking about the alcoholic variety.

Get flushed—cosmetically, that is—by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new beauty site, Rose Inc. If you follow the supermodel's social accounts, you know she's a makeup maven that loves to share her time in the makeup chair, along with the new looks and products Jason Statham's baby mama picks up along the way.

Now, with the launch of her digital platform, the newly minted editor-in-chief is talking all things beauty—and not just products from her Rosie for Autograph collection either.

"I've been excitedly awaiting a space to share with you and to tell you how I've been intrigued by beauty my entire life," penned Rosie in a memo on the site. "As a girl, I was fascinated watching my mother apply makeup before a night out. Seeing her transform was special to me—I found it so feminine, so personal. Before long, I was saving up my pocket money to buy a sticky roll-on lip gloss or glittery blue eye shadow at the local pharmacy. I know this feeling is nearly universal. This is my evolution of it."

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Here are four reasons why this site deserves your bookmark.

Authentic Product Recommendations: At first, you may think the site would be another promotional source for the model's namesake cosmetics line or her beauty endorsement deals. However, the site also seemingly gives genuine (read: not sponsored) recommendations in a category called "Hero Product." So far, we get her (or her team's) favorite blemish treatment—Mario Badescu Drying Lotion—and natural body lotion—Kopari Coconut Melt, two products that E! beauty editors also stand by.

Inside an Insider's Makeup Bag: At the crux of beauty journalism is learning what other makeup mavens use. It's no surprise that the model is well connected, not only with Hollywood elite but with makeup artists and beauty influencers as well. That's a lot of intel that needs to be unearthed. For example, if Beyoncé's makeup artist, Sir John, only could have one beauty product, it'd be…a matte SPF! Who would've thought?

Daily Routines, Revealed: Perhaps the most engaging part of the site is called "Morning to Moonlight," a series in which influencers and celebrities break down their day in beauty terms. Rosie's first guinea pig is Poppy Delevingne, who wakes up in Olivia von Halle monogrammed silk pajamas, douses herself in SkinCeuticals serum and banks on drugstore eyeliner for all day wear.

It's Eye-Catching: At the very least, the imagery and photos are beautiful. Rosie is a model, after all, but there's a millennial vibe that's fresh and relatable AF.

Consider us intrigued.