Nikki Bella Says a "Huge Piece" of Herself Is Missing After Calling Off Wedding to John Cena on Total Bellas

By Mona Khalifeh May 30, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Bella & John Cena Officially Call Off The Wedding

Breaking up is hard to do!

Nikki Bella leans on her family after calling off her wedding to John Cena in this clip from Sunday's all-new Total Bellas and it's clear the breakup has been hard on everyone.

"I feel such a huge piece is just missing from me," Nikki says with tears in her eyes. "It was just weird. First morning in six years not to talk to him, you know?"

"I mean, you guys were like married," Brie Bella admits.

And with a near marriage comes morning coffee dates and a house full of memories that Nikki can't help but miss.

While Nikki mourns her relationship, Brie mourns the loss of a brother.

"I just don't want him to be lonely. And I don't want him to regret not being a dad," an emotional Brie tells her sister. "And that's what makes me sad 'cause John feels like a brother and I hate thinking in my head that he's gonna be alone."

Nikki Bella Opens Up About Showing Breakup on "Total Bellas"

The new mom is sad for her sister, but she can't help but want her twin to experience the joy of motherhood.

"You and I are such hard workers and there's times there's been zero payoff, but when you have a baby, even if Birdie wakes me up five times in one night, the way she holds me, the way she smells, it's like, you don't care," Brie admits. "I want you to feel that."

Though John has bowed out of the fatherhood arena, he supports Nikki's decision to become a mom someday.

"He told me, he sent me this text last night and he goes, 'The day you become a mom and look at your baby, I'm expecting to get the first thank you text.' But it's like, I wanted him to be the father of my kids," Nikki confesses.

See the emotional moment in the clip above.

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