Andy Cohen and Jimmy Fallon Lose Their Cool in a Nutty Game of Jinx

While playing a game on The Tonight Show with Mindy Kaling and Tarik Trotter, the two late-night hosts failed to be in sync

By Elyse Dupre May 24, 2018 2:32 PMTags

Andy Cohen and Jimmy Fallon got a little competitive playing a game of "Jinx" on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show.

Here's how the game worked: Cohen and Fallon were on one team while Mindy Kaling and Tarik Trotter were on the other. Announcer Steve Higgins gave each team a category. After counting to three, the two teammates had to say a word that related to that category with the hope of saying the same word. Each team got three tries to jinx each other. 

While Kaling and Trotter scored two points in the first round, Cohen and Fallon struggled to come up with the same word for the category "nuts." During their first attempt, Fallon said the word "peanut" while Cohen said the word "almond."

"Who the hell eats almonds?" The Tonight Show host fired back at his teammate.

"That is the most obvious nut," Cohen said about peanut, agreeing that he "got it wrong."

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Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Still, the two tried again. This time, however, Fallon said "walnuts" while Cohen said "cashews." 

"There's the word ‘nut' in the name ‘walnut,'" Fallon told Cohen. "Cashew? It doesn't even have the word ‘nut' in it? Almond doesn't even have the word ‘nut.' Peanut, walnut—names of nuts."

With only one more chance to jinx, Fallon said "hazelnut" while the Bravo star tried "almond" again.

"It didn't work the first time!" Fallon yelled.

The two had better luck the next round when they both said "arm" for the category "body parts"—bringing them in the lead with three points. The two were so excited that they jumped up for a hug. 

However, Kaling and Trotter pulled out a victory after they jinxed in the "holidays" category while Cohen and Fallon failed to be in sync.

Watch the video to see them play the nutty game.