Michelle Wolf Gives the World Featuring a Strong Female Lead: The Movie

Get a sneak peek of Michelle Wolf's new Netflix series The Break

By Chris Harnick May 24, 2018 1:30 PMTags

The movie of your dreams—Featuring a Strong Female Lead: The Movie—is here, thanks to Michelle Wolf.

In the sneak peek of The Break, Wolf's new Netflix series, the comic goes all in on "strong female lead" tropes. Is this an episode of Scandal? A Miss Sloane remake? Both? It's hard to tell. Would we watch this? Probably!

"Listen up people! I am only going to say this once," Wolf's Cassandra Flex says. And that's it.

She's under indictment, she's on Tokyo time, she's sleeping with hookers ("I don't have time for emotion in my sex!"), she has no time to eat and yes, she's drinking red wine in an all-white suit. She's fearless. She never sweats, sleeps or spills—she wins.

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What does she do for a living?

"It's unclear."

"Her dialogue is so snappy it'll snap your head right off," the voiceover declares. See the full sketch above.

Expect Featuring a Strong Female Lead: The Movie and more from The Break, Wolf's new weekly talk/sketch series.

"My show has jokes, sketches and celebrities," Wolf says in the trailer above while constantly being interrupted by Netflix queuing up the next episode. "Just watch the show because I'm really easy going."

The Break with Michelle Wolf premieres new episodes weekly starting Sunday, May 27 only on Netflix.