Who Won Survivor: Ghost Island After a Seriously Shocking Final Tribal Council?

That was the most exciting final vote Survivor has ever had

By Lauren Piester May 24, 2018 3:25 AMTags
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We had our doubts about Survivor: Ghost Island, but it sure did get interesting there towards the end. 

All season, we've been complaining (even if just to ourselves) that Ghost Island was a bit of a letdown. The island itself, at least, more often than not just told players they lost out on any potential advantage, and it was never clear if it was good or bad to get sent there. 

By the end, what was clear is that not even knowing how other survivors had messed up before could prevent the same fate from happening again, and also that this was going to be a really interesting final result no matter which way it went. And then it went the way that it went. 

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Donathan was the first to go tonight (not surprising), followed by Angela after Wendell beat her at fire-making. That was a decision Dom made after winning the last immunity, and Wendell won easily.

While it was most likely always going to be either Wendell or Dom who took home the win, it was really up in the air as to who deserved it the most. They've been together the entire season, making decisions together and keeping track of alliances together and taking turns winning challenges, and just like it was hard for us to decide, the jury was also split.

Jeff even read the votes while they were still on the island because he knew it was a tie between Dom and Wendell for the first time in Survivor history. 

That meant it was all up to Laurel to decide, and obviously her choice was the guy she's been allied with the entire season, meaning Wendell Holland Jr. won Survivor: Ghost Island. And we can't say we're mad at that. 

Survivor: David vs. Goliath, which will feature underdogs who've had to work for everything going up against privileged people who were born with everything, will air on CBS this fall.