Zayn Malik Hooks Up With a Stripper in "Entertainer" Music Video

Singer just dropped his latest visual on Wednesday

By Jess Cohen May 23, 2018 6:46 PMTags

Zayn Malik has dropped the music video for his latest track, "Entertainer."

The video is seemingly a continuation from his previous visual, "Let Me," which also starred model Sofia Jamora. In "Entertainer," a blond Malik is seeing going to a strip club, where he spots his love interest.

"You thought you had me, didn't you?" Malik sings in the track. "When you lied to my face, I could see the truth. Every step of the way I knew, how you fooled me, boo."

"Guess you didn't know that you were my favorite entertainer," Malik continues. "I watch you, laugh with and f--k with you. Don't you take me for a fool. In this game, I own the rules."

Zayn Malik Makes Out With Sofia Jamora in "Let Me" Music Video

"Never seen you comin', I'll turn you down," Malik goes on to sing. "When you need me the most, I will turn you, when you need me the most, I will turn you down."

The lyrics continue, "Thought that you were smarter, I'm ashamed for you. I knew it right away when you stopped lovin' me. It happened when your touch wasn't enough for me."

After spending time with Jamora, we see in the video that Malik loses track of her.

Watch the video above to see if he can find her in the end!