Emilia Clarke's Mom Is Ruining Her Sex Life

The star of Solo: A Star Wars Story tells Seth Meyers all about her "proud" parent's problem

By Zach Johnson May 23, 2018 12:45 PMTags

No one is happier for Emilia Clarke's success than her "proud mum."

But, as the star of Solo: A Star Wars Story admitted on NBC's Late Night Tuesday, her mother's ever-growing collection of movie merchandise is getting out of control. "I think she knows it gets to me slightly—as it would to anyone when your mother really enjoys having your face on cushions...and throws. Now, Star Wars is here with a vengeance. There's a lot of merchandise that comes along with being in a Star Wars movie, so there's a lot of stuff that mum can fill my house with!" she told Seth Meyers, raising her voice in mock outrage. "WITH MY FACE ON IT!"

"I came home one day and she was like, 'You're never, ever going to get laid again! Ever!'" she laughed. Before Meyers showed a picture of Clarke's redecorated room, he joked, "I will say: You are beautiful and charming. If I came back to your place and this was on, I would be out!"

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Clarke then counted five pillows with her face on it, but failed to mention the duvet cover, which quoted her Star Wars character, Qi'ra, as saying, "We're doing this my way." Awkward. ("It's not like that now," she clarified last week on BBC America's The Graham Norton Show, after showing the same picture from her bedroom. "There is another reason why I'm single!")

In her mom's defense, she added, "There's stuff happening at her house so she's been chilling at mine for a minute. There's a room that's all of this. It's just in my house and it's frightening!"

Meyers found the silver lining, telling his guest, "The only thing that would be worse than a guy coming to your house and seeing this is the reverse: You going to a guy's house and seeing this." The actress laughed and said, "Exactly! Exactly! That would be a step too far, a little bit."

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