Botched Patient Kelsey Needs Help to Fix Her "Double Bubble" Breast Implants

By Vannessa Jackson May 22, 2018 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Kelsey's "Botched" Breast Augmentation Turns Into a Double Bubble

It's double trouble! 

On this week's new episode of Botched, Kelsey needs Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif's help to fix a boob job that left her with a double bubble deformity. 

"A double bubble occurs when you are attempting to lower the inframammary crease in order to make more room for the implant," Dr. Dubrow explained. "The problem is, if you lower it just a little too much, it creates a deformity. A double bubble contour that looks really bad." 

The only person more upset about Kelsey's condition is her mom. "Right after having the surgery, I noticed the bubble immediately," Kelsey revealed to the doctors. However, it took her a while longer to actually clue her mom in on what happened to her. 

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"After the fact, she never said nothing to me about the issue," her mom tells them. But it wasn't because she didn't want her mom in her business, she just didn't want to upset her with more bad news. 

"I had other medical issues, so I didn't want to put the stress that this went wrong on my mom," Kelsey revealed to them. Kelsey also suffers from endometriosis and has had to have two surgeries for her condition, and has been dealing with issues from her breast surgery during this time as well. 

That doesn't make her mom feel any better about the situation. "The fact that I learned this recently is very bothersome to me," her mom confides in the surgeons. Hopefully this surgery will fix her breasts and her relationship with her mom. 

See the shocking moment in the clip above! 

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