Millie Bobby Brown Is Starting Stranger Things Rumors...About Kim Kardashian?!

See how fake spoilers and rumors get started firsthand

By Chris Harnick May 21, 2018 11:10 PMTags
Watch: "Stranger Things" Stars Play 'Most Likely To' Game

It's next to impossible to get scoop from the Stranger Things cast about what's going to happen in season three, but it is possible to get them to create fake casting news and spill the beans on each other.

In the video above, Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp play a game of "most likely to…" about each other. Find out who is most likely to pull a prank on set, most likely to steal the best candy and more, including who's most likely to be late.

"He has been, like, about 3 hour late once because he went to the wrong location," Brown spilled.

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The actress even goes into detail about all the pranks the two have pulled together, including one time where they pranked their teachers with…toilet paper! It almost looks like Brown's about to spill some scoop at the end, but always the professional she caught herself.

And in the video above, where E! News does its best to get some details about the new season from Brown, the Emmy nominee starts a rumor of her own—about Kim Kardashian!

"Noah, would you love to see Kim Kardashian in Stranger Things?" Brown asked her costar.

"Wait, she's going to be in Stranger Things?" a confused Schnapp asked.

"Yeah, she is. She's going to play 10," Brown deadpans.


Kardashian heard of Brown's plans and weighed in on Twitter.

Click play on both videos to hear more from the Stranger Things cast.