Riverdale Season 2 Finale Is Under Arrest For a Murder We Completely Forgot About

We're so here for almost everything happening as we head into season three of the CW hit

By Lauren Piester May 17, 2018 1:00 AMTags
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Do you remember that time many episodes and several plotlines ago when the core four of Riverdale took a little trip to Lodge Lodge, a lodge owned by the Lodges?

Remember, the same episode where the rest of the characters went to see Love, Simon? And then remember the guy who Andre shot after he attacked the kids at the lodge? The random guy? The random guy we immediately forgot about as a thousand other things started to happen? Yes, that guy!

Well guess who suddenly became important at the very end of tonight's season two finale! 

Just after being elected student council president (after literally all of his other friends and competition dropped out of the race due to many various hindrances), Archie was arrested the murder of that random guy, a murder which was actually committed by Andre. 

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We're not complaining about suddenly dealing with the consequences of dealing with the death of this guy, because sure, he did die, but dang did this show do a good job of making us forget about him entirely until Archie randomly reminded us of it earlier in the finale, when he declared he was going to make those damn bones once and for all. (Did he also remind Hiram of it and get himself arrested for it???)

Anyway, that's a plot for season two, and barely even a fraction of what happened in this finale.

First of all, Jughead was not dead (duhhhhh) and that promo funeral was a dream sequence, but he was beaten up very badly and then named Serpent King by his retiring father. And his first act as gang leader was to induct Cheryl (who recently made her grandmother her legal guardian) into the gang with her very own and inexplicably (but also pretty explicably) red Serpents jacket. Toni looked so proud, and strangely so were we. 

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Meanwhile, Betty continued to grapple with the fact that her dad is the town serial killer (or serial almost-killer since most of his attempts did not work out), and even went to visit him in jail. He tried to convince her she also had some serial killer-y darkness inside her, but she voted no on that. Alice, however, seemed to be convinced by Polly that she needed help from some kinda farm cult leader. 

The copycat black hood was alleged to be Tall Boy, who Hiram hired after he was exiled from the Serpents, and by the end of the night, we saw Hiram putting together a crack team of Riverdale supervillains (a perfect comic book concept we're kind of obsessed with). Even Penelope and Claudius Blossom were on hand, along with Penny and the leader of the Ghoulies, as Hiram promised the core four were nothing to worry about.

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"Steps have been taken to dissolve the very glue that holds them together," he said menacingly before Archie was  arrested. 

And finally, Hermione was elected mayor and Veronica is no longer opening a casino, but she is going to open a speakeasy. It's silly, but we're here for Mayor Hermione and Businesswoman Veronica, especially if they're going to be working to take down Hiram's League of Evil. 

In fact, we're here for everything happening right now, just in time for this show to take a nice long break. 

Riverdale airs on the CW.