Meghan Markle Is Destined to Be a Duchess! Find Out Your Royal Title Using Our Name Generator

Marigold Mansfield, Archduchess of St. Andrews, anyone?

By McKenna Aiello May 16, 2018 2:29 AMTags

Bid farewell to Meghan MarkleSuits star of Los Angeles! This bride-to-be is getting a fancy new title. 

After Meghan and Prince Harry are officially named husband and wife during Saturday's royal wedding extravaganza, Queen Elizabeth II is expected to upgrade their monikers in a major way. Tradition tells us that Prince Harry will be granted a royal dukedom, making him the Duke of Sussex, and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex. (Similarly, Prince William and Kate Middleton became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.)

Of course nothing is official until the monarch declares it so, which is why our very own royal name generator may just come in handy. Live out your own royal fantasy by finding out the perfectly posh and undeniably British name to be bestowed upon you by scrolling below! 

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Romance Rewind
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First, take the first letter of your first name to discover your new identity, listed as male/female/or the pronoun of your choosing:

A: Alastair/Anne

B: Benedict/Beatrix

C: Carlisle/Catherine

D: Daylen/Daphne

E: Edward/Eugenie

F: Frederick/Florence

G: George/Gwendolyn

H: Harry/Hermione

I: Irwin/Imogen

J: James/Juliette

K: Kerwin/Kinsey

L: Langdon/Leighton

M: Mervyn/Marigold

N: Nicholas/Nora

O: Osmond/Ophelia

P: Philip/Pandora

Q: Quincy/Qiana

R: Ridgewell/Rosalyn

S: Sheffield /Scarlett

T: Thomas/Tilda

U: Upton/Ursula

V: Vincent/Violet

W: Wadsworth/Willa

X: Xavier/Xenia

Y: Yardley/Yasmine

Z: Zayden/Zara

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Next, take the first letter of your last name to find out your surname: 

A: Arathorn

B: Bainbridge II

C: Calhoun

D: Devonte

E: Ethelbert

F: Fairbanks

G: Grafton

H: Huxley IV

I: Iverson

J: Jennison

K: Kingston VIII

L: Lawton

M: Mansfield

N: Needingham

O: Oswald II

P: Phineas

Q: Quinsley

R: Remington III

S: Sheffield

T: Thorndike III

U: Umbridge

V: Viscounte

W: Winthrop V

X: Xonuds

Y: Yarnell

Z: Zillowsby IV

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Then, a title! Select the month you were born and voila! you're royal: 

January: Emperor/ Empress

February: Grand Prince/Grand Princess

March: Sir/Dame

April: Duke/Duchess

May: Baron/Baroness 

June: King/Queen

July: Grand Duke/Grand Duchess 

August: Archduke/Archduchess

September: Lord/Lady

October: High King/High Queen

November: Prince/Princess

December: Count/Countess

And finally, the area your rule or dynasty you belong to. It's decided by the day of the month you were born. 

1: of Albermarle

2: of Clarence

3: of Avondale

4: of St. Andrews

5: of Connaught

6: of Strathearn

7: of Cumberland

8: of Gloucester

9: of Edinburgh

10: of Hereford

11: of Kendal

12: of Kent

13: of Kintyre

14: of Lorne

15: of Ross

16: of Sussex

17: of Windsor

18: of York

19: of Albany

20: of Bedford

21: of Norfolk 

22: of Somerset

23: of Teviotdale

24: of Cornwall

25: of Rothesay

26: of Bridgewater

27: of Montagu

28: of Leinster

29: of Wellington 

30: of Inverness

31of Westminster

In Meghan's case, her new title is Marigold Mansfield, Archduchess of St. Andrews. Kind of has a ring to it, no?