Taylor Swift Performs Private Concert and Throws Pizza Party For 2000 Foster Families

Singer arranges for foster families to attend her final dress rehearsal before kicking off her Reputation tour on Tuesday night

By Holly Passalaqua, Meg Swertlow May 07, 2018 12:44 AMTags
Taylor Swift, Arizona foster kidsCourtesy Kelli Dillon

Now that's one majorly awesome final dress rehearsal!

Taylor Swift opened up her big heart once again and brought in foster and adoptive families to the University of Phoenix stadium to see the final dress rehearsal and have a pizza party before her highly anticipated Reputation tour kicks off on Tuesday night in Glendale, AZ.

E! News can report that the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer performed for over 2000 foster and adoptive families.

A concert attendee told E! News that after the show ended, Taylor brought everyone onstage to take pics. She also stayed for almost four hours taking pictures and meeting all the families. 

Taylor Swift's Reputation Style
Courtesy Kelli Dillon

Concertgoer Kellie Dillon told E! News, "We received an email a few days ago through an organization called AZAFAP (Arizona Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents). They help organize events and extra-curricular things for foster kids and foster families. They released 2,000 tickets and everyone thought it was a scam at first."

She continued, "We thought it was too good to be true, but we all kept it a secret (per Taylor's orders) and sure enough had the time of our lives!"

"My family and I have been fostering for over three years and have adopted too," the mom continued. "I don't think Taylor understand what this meant to these foster and adoptive families! Some of these children have been through terrible journeys in their lifetime, so to me able to escape for an incredible evening like that was out of this world! She was so genuine and we truly felt like we were hanging out with a friend and had a pizza party at the end of the night. A magical evening we will never forget."

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Fellow concertgoer Kate Hursh's family didn't believe her at first when they found out what was in store. "My husband thought I was joking when I told him...so did the kids. I thought that maybe Ashton Kutcher will pop out and tell us we were punk'd! It was just totally unexpected. Our children wrote thank you notes before the show," she described to E! News. "Hayden, our 5-year-old son, gave them to Taylor's sweet Dad, who chatted with us for a bit. He gushed about how proud he was of his daughter. I thanked him for raising such a generous and gracious daughter. He told Hayden that he would bring them right away to Taylor backstage. Mr. Swift handed me a handful of guitar picks for our 12 children. When I brought them back to our seats, the kids' eyes lit up! What a dream!"

"They will never forget their first concert ever! A private show and a pizza party with Taylor Swift? Simply, unforgettable," Hursh continued. "My children felt so special! I'm pretty sure my 9 year old son, Louie's life was made when she gave him a hug during the photo op after the show. Autographed pictures were given to everyone as we left the stadium in total awe of what we experienced. The show was spectacular."
Courtesy McCune family

Meanwhile, Tay also paid a visit to one very special young fan in the hospital on Saturday. The popstar stopped by the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix to see superfan Isabella McCune, who is no longer able to go to see the singer kick off her Reputation tour on May 8 after getting burned in a terrible accident in March.

According to AZ Central, the 8-year-old recorded a video to Taylor earlier in the week, telling her she'd hoped to go to this Tuesday's concert in Glendale, AZ., but that she could no longer because she was unable to leave the hospital due to her injuries.

In the video, the outlet states that Isabella, who has credited Taylor's music with helping her through her ordeal, asked for the chart-topping singer to stop by the hospital.

Just days after the plea was made, Tay turned up at the hospital clad in a yellow hospital gown and surprised her fan. The "Look What You Made Me Do" singer took photos with Isabella, her parents and brother Zachary. The "End Game" singer also posed with hospital staff during the good-hearted visit.

The outlet also reports that Taylor told the 8-year-old that once she was well, she'd be able to visit the tour any time she wanted to.

Swift's highly anticipated Reputation tour starts on May 8 and will continue on through November.

The global sensation recently announced that she'll be playing 10 songs from previous albums on the upcoming tour. Swift said during a social media announcement that she's "excited about playing stuff from Reputation," but that she's also "excited about playing stuff from previous albums too." 

Camila Cabello and Charli XCX will be joining Swift on tour as her opening acts.