Evan Ross Reveals He Thinks Ashlee Simpson Ross' Old MTV Reality Show Is the "Sweetest Thing in the World"

Couple likes to watch her old show together, and lucky for her, the hubby is a big fan!

By Vannessa Jackson May 05, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross Will Collab on Album

And the cutest couple award goes to...

Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross are coming to E! with their new reality series Ashlee and Evan. While this will be their first on-camera show together since getting married in 2014, Ashlee is no stranger to the cameras. 

The musician formerly starred in the short-lived MTV series The Ashlee Simpson Show. While many people might cringe over video footage of them in their younger years, Ashlee's husband Evan loves her old show! 

Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross Will Collab on Album

"We've had moments where we go back and laugh at ourselves," Ashlee dished to E! about her former series. As for Evan, he has a fondness for it as well. "I've been loving it," he revealed. "It's great to see her at that time...it's the sweetest thing in the world." 

The cuteness doesn't end there. The pair is also taking their love to the studio and plans on collaborating on music in the near future as well. So get ready, because Ashlee and Evan are about to take the world by storm! 

See the cute moment in the clip above!