Happy Birthday, Adele! Relive the Singer's Most LOL-Worthy Instagrams on Her 30th B-Day

By Johnni Macke May 05, 2018 2:00 PMTags

It's time to sing "Happy Birthday" because the one and only Adele is officially 30!

Today is the British singer's birthday and what better way to celebrate than to have a laugh with the "Hello" singer? Over the years Adele has won over her fans with her amazing voice, but that's not all we love about her.

Sure, her records are ah-mazing, but she is also a hilarious Instagram star. Some celebrities use Instagram to document their lives, which Adele also does, but she is more likely to post a LOL moment that shows she's just like us. Her funny posts and killer vocal abilities are the biggest reasons we can't get enough of her.

Since we're not getting a new album today—that would've been awesome though, right?—we've been scrolling her Instagram instead. Join us in celebrating Adele turning the big 3-0 by reliving all of her funniest social media moments below.

Trust us, laughing at the Grammy and Oscar winner's funny pictures are almost as good as listening to her perform live. The good news is that you can blast your favorite Adele record out loud while scrolling through this post. It's a win-win!

Adele's Celebrity Grammy Friends

1. Beychella forever:

Since Adele couldn't make it to Coachella this year to watch her girl Beyoncé perform she streamed it at home. Oh, and to make it better she filmed herself dancing to the performance in three different posts.

2. All Dolly-ed up:

What's better than a Dolly Parton costume? Adele posing like Dolly dressed as the country singer obviously. This costume is wonderful, especially because the "Someone Like You" singer made sure to rock a Dolly-like wig as well.

3. The hilarious way she celebrated her last birthday:

Last year the British singer posted four photos of herself as an old lady and we're still laughing about it. "Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x" she captioned the grandma photo series.

4. Singing on tour is always a good idea:

During her last tour Adele posted pictures in a lot of the different cities she stopped in. When she made it to Auckland she rocked out in a tee with her face on it and it was brilliant.

5. Tour time equals tongue time:

Auckland was a fun tour stop for the 30-year-old singer who posted this gem of a photo to document her time there. Clearly champagne and a rob lead to sticking your tongue out and we're all for it.

6. The time she switched up her role on tour:

Why can't she be a security guard? Canada didn't seem to mind and neither do we!

7. When she showed us her beauty routine:

"I woke up like this!" Adele captioned this funny face mask portrait and we're trying not to laugh.

Adele's Best Looks

8. What happens in Texas…

Everything's bigger in Texas so it's no surprise that Adele needed two hats on at one time while performing in Austin. Please note the chicken wing (we think?) that she's eating here as well.

9. The time she got lit in Boston:

OK, technically she wasn't lit but the singer was wearing a lampshade hat and that's pretty lit. Ya, we know we're not using that word right but whatever, it's funny and you know you're laughing right now.

10. When she proved she's just like us:

Adele isn't the biggest fan of working out based on this photo and it makes she so much more relatable. Seriously, it's like looking at live footage of us at the gym!