5 Reasons Why Tarek El Moussa Will Overcome His Latest Back Injury

Flip or Flop star revealed a major health concern on his Instagram

By Mike Vulpo May 04, 2018 9:35 PMTags

Tarek El Moussa is ready to overcome another injury.

On Thursday evening, the Flip or Flop star shared some "awful news" with his followers on Instagram. As it turns out, the proud father injured his back again.

"Last time I lost 50 pounds and was taking large amounts of pain meds to try and help the pain. Truthfully those meds really affected my mental and physical state and changed who I was. Last time I hurt my back it took me a year and a half to recover. As of today I can barely walk..." Tarek shared online. "I honestly can't even believe this is happening, I feel like it's a bad dream that I will wake up from."

The HGTV star continued, "I will be truthful and say I'm very down because of this. It is going to take a lot of positivity and strength to go through this a second time. I will stay positive and I will fight to get healthy again. I appreciate all the support. T."

As fans show their support online, we can't help but remember the other obstacles Tarek has overcome in recent years. Take a look at why we think the real estate guru will overcome his latest health setback.

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He's Not a Quitter: Back in March 2017, Tarek inspired his followers when he looked back on his cancer battle and back injury. "I'm proud to say I didn't quit and I'm in the best shape of my life!! For everyone struggling right now from any situation.. remember... keep your head up and don't quit!" he wrote on Instagram. "There is light at the end of the tunnel, stay strong! T"

He Has So Much to Look Forward To: Sure, new episodes of Flip or Flop are expected to return to HGTV. But the Orange County resident has a gorgeous new home to entertain family and friends. And there's also his bachelor status after finalizing his divorce from Christina El Moussa. "I've never really been single before, believe it or not, so it's a whole new life and I'm having a lot of fun," Tarek previously shared with E! News' Melanie Bromley. "I'm just a free spirit. I'm happy. I love going on dates. I like meeting girls. I'm just enjoying it."

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He's Physically Fit: When you're healthy, the chances of recovering from a health hurdle dramatically improve. And based on one photo shoot, we'd say Tarek is in pretty good shape. Back in March of 2017, Tarek was photographed by California-based Lin and Jirsa Wedding Photography Team. "This is after battling 2 cancers and a debilitating back injury. My doctor said 'You would probably never be able to lift weights again'... that motivated me to prove him wrong and get into the best shape of my life!!!" he shared on Instagram. "Thank you to my trainer @quintin_tucker for all the hard work and motivation and @pyejirsa for the amazing photos. Remember....it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog..."

He Trusts in the Experts: After Tarek participated in a photo shoot , E! News talked to his trainer Quintin Tucker who had plenty of praise for his client. "I have seen Tarek transform from a very sad and weathered version of himself to the strongest and happiest version of himself I have seen to date," Quintin previously shared with us. "The amount of motivation and fight Tarek had in the beginning is unmatched by any other client I have yet had and was paramount to his recovery. Session after session he would always say, 'I'm going to be your biggest transformation, I'm going to get back into the best shape of my life,' and he did."

He Absolutely Loves His Kids: Perhaps the two most important people in Tarek's life are his kids Brayden and Taylor. Whether enjoying bike rides with his son by the beach or cheering on his daughter at soccer games, Tarek has a whole lot of love to go around. "As a father I strive each and every day to be better and better," Tarek once wrote on Instagram during a father-daughter afternoon. "The better father I am the better person she will be." We have a feeling he'll be back playing with both of them in no time!

A new season of Flip or Flop premieres Thursday, May 31 at 9 p.m. on HGTV.