Grey's Anatomy Teases Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw's Exits (and 1 Does Not Look Good)

Next week's episode promo makes it look like we're about to be grieving yet another Grey Sloan doctor

By Lauren Piester May 04, 2018 2:37 AMTags
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Two big Grey's Anatomy goodbyes are getting closer and closer.

It looks like tonight's episode gave us a pretty good idea of where Arizona is going when she leaves at the end of this season (in two episodes!), and then in the preview for next week, we also got a glimpse at what could be happening with April. Though it was not a happy glimpse. 

Arizona spent much of the episode dealing with Sofia, who was suspended from the second grade for stealing field trip money. Eventually it came out that she was trying to buy a ticket to New York to see Callie, and at the end of the episode, Arizona made the decision to move her back, and to move along with her. 

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In the preview for next week's episode, it appears that April has been in an accident, and everyone's in tears as they try to save her. It even shows Jackson throwing himself on top of her while she's on the table, which makes us think their attempts to save her did not go well.

It's one of those previews that makes us wish we didn't already know that Sarah Drew is about to depart, unless they've got some  twist planned that leaves April perfectly fine but ready for a new life somewhere else. We're always waiting for that Grey's Anatomy twist, to be honest. 

April didn't do all that much in tonight's episode, but she did tell Jackson he was on a good path as he was personally paying off all the Harper Avery settlements, using almost all of his money except for what was set aside for Harriet. 

If that was their last interaction before she dies, it was nice? I guess? 

Elsewhere, Mer made a lovely new friend while she prepped for her big mini liver presentation by playing darts at the bar, and after a long conversation with him, she decided to begin her presentation by renaming the Grey Method the Grey-Cerone method.

While Bailey wrestled with having to apologize and re-hire Vickram, Alex and Jo took a road trip to visit his mom, where they found her completely fine. Her schizophrenia had died down and become more manageable, and now as long as she stuck to her routine, she was doing extremely well. 

She first tried to get Alex to leave, but he returned to have a beautiful moment with her (giving Justin Chambers some of his best work). Jo invited her to the wedding, but she declined, saying travel doesn't really work with her routine. 

Now we're off to prepare ourselves to cry next week, so don't mind us!  

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.