Russell Simmons Expresses Support for #MeToo, Isn't ''Angry'' About Rape Allegations

Hip-hop mogul and accuser recently agreed to dismiss a $5 million lawsuit

By McKenna Aiello May 03, 2018 2:13 AMTags
Russell SimmonsMatt Sayles/AP Photo

Russell Simmons is speaking up about Hollywood's fight against sexual assault. 

Days ago, the hip-hop mogul and the woman accusing him of rape agreed to dismiss the $5 million lawsuit she filed against him. Simmons still faces a separate $10 million lawsuit, and has maintained his innocence amid multiple sexual misconduct claims. 

In a recent Instagram post, Simmons said he hasn't felt "too angry" about the allegations because, in his words, "listening intently to the dialogue around the #metoo movement has inspired me to look beyond my personal scenario."

"In the end I'll be fine," he added. "I've accepted responsibility for the life that I have lived and been very forcefully and vehemently denying accusations for things that I have not done." 

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Simmons, 60, said he hopes the #MeToo and Time's Up movements will create a "better world" for his daughters, 18-year-old Ming and 15-year-old Aoki, even if there's "a little blood on my shoulders" and "collateral damage" in the process. 

His statement continued, "But today my meditation reminded me yet again that black women have bared the biggest burden for sure. And for sure ALL women of ALL RACES and RELIGIONS (in part because of and supported by all great religions and institutions) have lived unequal throughout the ages, in unjust and incredibly unfair circumstances."

Simmons then offered his own solution for the future, saying, "I want to be a forward thinker and supporter of the necessary change. Here is what I believe to be a fact if we continue to let the masculine energy govern our world without guidance from the feminine forces then men will destroy the planet, or at least make in uninhabitable for humans."

"So for so many reasons the goal should be to be inclusive, fair and promote equality on all levels. We have a long way to go I'm along for the ride," he continued. 

Kimora Lee Simmons has previously defended her ex-husband from the accusations.