Brave? Hero? Rose McGowan Is More Than Just a Label in Powerful New CITIZEN ROSE Promo

"It's easy to label someone but we are all more than a label"

By Brett Malec May 03, 2018 3:30 PMTags
Watch: "CITIZEN ROSE": More Than A Label - May 17 on E!

Rose McGowan is more than just a label.

In a powerful new short film for CITIZEN ROSE, ordinary passersby in Los Angeles are invited to watch a slideshow of questions about nameless people. Questions like: "What do you call someone who speaks up when no one else will?" "What would you call someone who has suffered abuse?" "What would you call someone raised in a cult?"

Answers from the public include, "Activist, damaged, brave, human, empowered, clueless, scared, hero, crazy outspoken, unconventional, misunderstood, victim and leader."

The final slide reads, "What would you call Rose McGowan?" as members of the crowd connect all the dots and realize every question is about the activist and author.

Rose McGowan Listens to Domestic Violence Survivors' Stories

"It's easy to label someone but we are all more than a label," the promo ends with.

Check out the aw-inducing clip for yourself.