Botched Patient Michael's Bad Surgery Left Him With Brain Fluid Leaking Out of His Nose

After trying to get his nose fixed, Michael's squishy nose became a party trick

By Mona Khalifeh May 16, 2018 2:00 PMTags
Watch: "Botched" Patient Has Brain Fluid Coming Out of His Nose?!

Accidents happen, but most accidents don't end with brain fluid leaking from your nose!

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Botched, Michael details a years-old accident that left his nose squishy and flat.

"At about three years of age, I smacked my nose right here, caught the bridge of it on a bed with an actual bed frame," Michael reveals. "After about 15 years of it just crooked, before I moved off to college I decided to get it fixed. Then it became a party trick."

"What became a party trick?" Dr. Paul Nassif asks. Michael went on to press his nose down flat on his face.

Luckily for Michael, Dr. Nassif's seen this before. "I've seen noses like this before. It's called a saddle nose deformity which is collapse of this part of the nasal dorsum, right here," Dr. Nassif explains.

Michael's nose not only affects him, it's been cause for concern in his relationship with his girlfriend Kristen.

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"When I first saw him, I remember thinking, 'Man that guy is so cute,' but I noticed something was going on with his nose," Kristen admits. "So to find out that he had actually had a surgery already, I was like, 'Oh. So you broke it and had a surgery and it still looks kinda funky? Maybe we should have that checked out.'"

While Kristen has tried to make light of Michael's nose, she's majorly concerned about the liquid that seems to be leaking from it.

"My biggest concern is he started to have this yellow fluid come out of his nose and I started researching it and to me, it sounded like it's brain fluid and for me, that's a major concern," Kristen tells the doctors.

"Yeah, brain fluid coming out of the nose in general is a major concern," Dr. Terry Dubrow stresses.

See Michael share his story in the clip above.

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