J.K. Rowling Apologizes to Fans for Killing Off a Beloved Harry Potter Character

Author took to Twitter to commemorate Battle of Hogwarts anniversary with a traditional apology

By Samantha Schnurr May 02, 2018 4:52 PMTags
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After breaking fans' hearts with the death of one incredibly beloved character all those years ago, J.K. Rowling is saying sorry. 

On the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the deadly war that breaks out between Lord Voldemort and his army and Harry Potter and his allies in The Deathly HallowsRowling has kept up the annual tradition of apologizing for characters who perished in the battle. 

On Wednesday, the acclaimed author once again recognized the date with a Twitter apology to fans for arguably one of the saddest losses in the history of Hogwarts. 

"It's that anniversary again," she wrote online. "This year, I apologize for killing someone who didn't die during the #BattleofHogwarts, but who laid down his life to save the people who'd win it. I refer, of course, to Dobby the house elf."

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As fans of the franchise well know, Dobby the house elf came into Harry Potter's life in the second book in an effort to warn him of danger ahead. By the end of the book, Potter masterfully freed Dobby by tricking his master, Draco Malfoy, into giving him an article of clothing, thus liberating him from his enslavement. 

Toward the end of the series, Dobby attempted to rescue Harry and his friends from the Death Eaters, but suffered a fatal wound in the process and died in Harry's arms. 

"Such a beautiful place to be with friends," he heartbreakingly said at the finale of the film. "Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter."

While Dobby could no longer finish out the storyline with his beloved pals, he took hold of a special place in fans' hearts forever—even ones that didn't immediately love him. 

"At first I didn't like Dobby, but I wish I could be more like Dobby, his death in book & on film always makes me cry," one fan tweeted back at the author. Rowling was moved. 

As she responded, "That answer really touched me."