Katy Perry to American Idol's Ada Vox: "Trust and Believe This Is Not the End of Us"

Katy Perry crashed E! News' interview with Ada Vox and made some informal plans with the reality show contestant

By Chris Harnick Apr 30, 2018 4:57 PMTags
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The American Idol judges saved Ada Vox in a dramatic moment…only to see the singer get the boot the following week.

"I feel great, quite honestly. I feel like I did everything I needed to do up until this point. I mad my mark on the world, on the show and I think I've made my mark in the music industry as well," Ada told E! News after the elimination. "I am so ready to just get home and start working. The real work begins after this."

You haven't seen the last of Ada, especially if judge Katy Perry has her way. Katy crashed our interview with Ada and the two have clearly bonded.

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"Thank you for believing in me, sweetie," Ada told Katy.

"I'll see you around…I'll see you around the circuit as well," Katy said. "Trust and believe this is not the end of us. This is a duo that's going on the road."

"I believe in you Ada," Katy sang.

"I believe in you Katy," Ada sang back.

Click play on the video above to see their funny back and forth.

Ada, whose real name is Adam Sanders, said "to be a role model for people out there in the world is crazy to think."

Ada said she achieved her dreams of making it to the live shows of American Idol, and, "You don't have to win to be an American Idol."

"That's one thing I've learned through a lot of my experience…persistence has paid off," Ada said.

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