Prince Liam and Cyrus Turn the Tables on King Robert and He's Completely Clueless on The Royals

Liam and Cyrus team up at Robert's bachelor party to further their takedown of the king

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Cyrus' (Jake Maskall) banishment won't keep him and Prince Liam (William Moseley) from their master plan to expose King Robert's (Max Brown) dirty deeds.

The pair on are back in action at Robert's bachelor party and they're about to turn the tables on their beloved king on this week's all-new The Royals.

And while Robert was reluctant to welcome Cyrus back from exile, he can't deny his family-first mantra. 

"You once told me nothing is so broken it can't be fixed," Liam said to Robert.  "I didn't mean this," Robert snapped back. "This is the part of you that holds you down. You have a soft spot for lost causes." 

"You also told me nothing is more important than family," Liam told his stubborn brother. 

"When he steps out of line you deal with it. Otherwise, you're both gone," Robert warned. "Enjoy your night, old man. Then back to exile you go." 

Cyrus kept his cool, even through a heated game of pool between Robert and Jasper (Tom Austen), but things went left when the boys sat down for a drink.

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"Centuries ago, the king relied on his noblemen to maintain order and stability across his kingdom, a territorial cadence. Once I have a system of governance in place, each of you will have a share of my reign," Robert announced to his closest confidants. "And the price that you'll pay for it is a price you're already paying, loyalty. To king and country!"

It was clear Cyrus wasn't here for the charade.

"Magnificent, truly magnificent Robbie. Not just the parliament bait and switch, but all of it. Such grand theater. And leaving a seat next to you open, bravo " Cyrus quipped.

"As my one nut uncle has astutely observed, the seat to my right remains empty to be filled by my most trusted left tenant. You are all good men, but only one of you may occupy this seat," Robert told the group.

And with that, Robert asked Cyrus to return to exile...not so fast Robbie, Cyrus has a monologue in this play too!

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"I've been the king and I've occupied the throne and when I did, I didn't give two s--ts about any of you dickheads and neither does he," Cyrus preached to the king's most loyal subjects. "Your deal with the devil is just that. What happens when Adolf junior decides to change the rules? When he wants what you have? When you disagree with him? Parliament protects you. The house of lords affords you a voice, not this asshole. I know because I was that asshole. Stand with me. Push back. Hell, someone kill this arrogant son of a bitch before he tries to take over the world. The time for violence is now!"

And violence did ensue, but not from Cyrus.

"You want violence, I'll give you violence," Liam screamed after pummeling his uncle in the face.

Robert peeled his brother off Cyrus and placed him in his rightfully earned seat next to the king. But don't worry, it's all part of the plan.

If you think Willow (Genevieve Gaunt) was celebrating her bachelorette party over chocolate and mani-pedis, you are sadly mistaken.

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The queen-to-be was all set to enjoy what was arguably the world's largest chocolate fountain and a day at the spa when she was drugged by Cassandra (Emily Barber)!

Willow was relaxing on the massage table when the masseuse surprised her with a kiss. She sat straight up, only to be greeted by the woman vying for her fiancé and a place in the royal family.

"Oh my God. How did you get in here?" a shocked Willow asked. "I make friends easily. Security loves me. There was a time when I thought you and I might be friends," Cassandra said.

The drugs were kicking in and fast, making Willow's attempt to get away from her attacker less than graceful.

"Careful. The drugs I put in that oil are fairly fast acting. Enjoy the ride and your unavoidable concerns tomorrow," Cassandra warned.

That drug-fueled ride took many twists and turns, which resulted in Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) chasing Willow around the palace and Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) face down in the chocolate fountain.

The Royal Hangover Season 4, Ep. 7
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As dawn broke and Willow's wild ride came to an end, she struggled to pull herself together and present herself in front of Queen Helena and the royal counsel. But thanks to some pieces from Eleanor's closet and a newfound confidence, she was ready to face them.

After berating Willow with questions, Helena had one final thing to ask: "Why would you make a great queen?" 

"S--t, I don't know. Some days I wonder if I'll make a great anything or if I even have greatness inside of me. If you're asking me if I care about being queen, If I take it seriously and try every day not to diminish who you've been and what you and centuries of queens before me have built, then the answer is yes, I would and I will," she ensured the counsel. "But with all due respect, what Robert thinks of me, how he sees me and how he feels about me, how I feel about myself, that's more important than how all of you feel about me. I love your son. If I have to be a queen to be with him, I will and I'll do the best I can."

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Remember Liam and Cyrus' plan? Well, it looks like Robert bought it. "I think you broke my nose you prick," Cyrus scoffed.

"You disrespected the king, it had to be done," Liam replied. "And?" Cyrus asked. "He bought it," Liam said with a smirk on his face.

If that wasn't enough, it appears Kathryn (Christina Wolfe) has been in on their master plan all along. "I wasn't sure you'd come," Liam said, reciting the same words Robert said to his former flame during their recent rendezvous. "I didn't want to," Kathryn responded.

"I'm a bad person," Kathryn added. "But my girl's one very good liar. He doesn't suspect a thing. We're in," Liam said before planting a kiss on his girlfriend.

There's just two episodes of The Royals left and it looks like it's all hands on deck in the takedown of King Robert!

Watch the video above to see everything else that happened on this week's episode.