David Blaine Sews His Mouth Shut and Priyanka Chopra Can't Believe It

During Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show, the famous magician performed a trick that left both the actress and Jimmy Fallon stunned

By Elyse Dupre Apr 26, 2018 1:08 PMTags

If Priyanka Chopra didn't believe in magic before, she may now.

The Quantico star and Jimmy Fallon watched famed magician David Blaine perform a few tricks on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show. The performance left them amazed—and maybe even a little queasy.

First, Blaine asked the two stars whether they'd like to see a card trick or a "needle and thread" trick. While Fallon picked the card trick, Blaine opted to do the other one instead.

Blaine also asked Chopra to film the act using Fallon's cellphone. Using the phone's selfie mode, Blaine looked at himself in the camera and pouted his lips. But instead of snapping a photo, he stuck a needle through his lips and pulled the thread through.

"Oh my God!" Chopra claimed in shock, later adding, "I can't focus! I can't focus!"

Meanwhile, Fallon tried to calm his nerves by taking deep breaths.

Still, Blaine continued to sew his mouth shut. 

"Guys there's blood on it and everything," the actress claimed. "This is some Game of Thrones stuff."


However, the magician wanted Fallon to pull the final stitch. The late-night host nervously obliged. Blaine then signaled to Fallon to tie a knot with the remaining thread.

"We should have done the card trick," Fallon said. "I can't even tie a knot I'm freaking out right now." 

With Blaine's mouth successfully sewn shut, it appeared the act was over. However, the magician still wanted to complete his card trick. Without using any words, he signaled for Chopra to select a card from the deck. Once she did, he took the card, ripped it and gave a piece to Fallon. Blaine then gave the ripped card back to Chopra who put it in the deck. The magician then flung the cards into the air. 

Next, he pulled out a pair of scissors and signaled for Fallon to cut open his stitches. Having already served as his assistant once, the host passed the duties onto one of his band members. 

With his mouth now open, Blaine spit out Chopra's card.


After leaving everyone stunned, the magician asked for a glass of water to clean up. However, he still felt like something was caught in his mouth and spit out a frog.

The trick sent Fallon to the floor and led his band member Questlove to flee the set. 

"I have to throw up," the musician said, running out of the room. 

Still, Blaine finished his glass of water—swallowing the frog back into this mouth.

Watch the video to see the tricks for yourself.