North West Plays With Dolls That Look a Lot Like Michael Jackson—and Kanye

4-year-old has dollies in the likeness of Yeezy and the King of Pop

By Meg Swertlow Apr 25, 2018 12:17 AMTags

Remember the time when Kanye West played dolls with daughter North West and when you looked closely, it turned out the dolls they were playing with were actually in the likeness of the King of Pop Michael Jackson and of Yeezy himself? Well, it definitely happened earlier this morning.

On Tuesday, 'Ye hopped on Twitter, which he's been setting ablaze since coming back from his social media break, to post a photo of an MJ doll, which apparently is a thing, and another figure, that's wearing black pants, black jeans, a trench coat and a gold chain, that's somehow supposed to be Kanye in doll form (just don't tell the doll's face that it looks nothing like the "Black Skinhead" rapper, you might hurt its feelings).

Kim Kardashian's main man captioned the image of the figures, "Me and Mike" with a cry laughing emoji.

Eagle-eye fans may be able to spot that the "Me" doll is actually a Ken Fashionista doll by Barbie, which runs for $7.94, and that the"Gold Digger" rapper's "chain" has Scotch tape holding it together. So did Kanye make his own tiny clothes for his tiny doll self? Looks like it.

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Minutes later the father of three tweeted an image of his oldest daughter, who is outfitted in rabbit-themed jammies, playing with an army of dolls, including the MJ one, who is rocking some sweet "Thriller" gear, and the Kanye one.

Along with the pic of his 4.5-year-old in play mode, Kanye wrote, "We danced to music Michael all morning."

Just in case you're dying for a vintage "Thriller" doll, you can purchase for a whopping $12.99 on ebay.

Leave it to Kanye West to have the most Kanye Kanye-style game of dolls you could ever have.