A Detective Has Dirt on Kyle and She's Not Afraid to Use It on The Arrangement: "Don't Screw This Up for Me"

While picking up their marriage license, Megan and Kyle get a visit from a detective from Kyle's past who threatens to expose him

By Mona Khalifeh Apr 25, 2018 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Megan Morrison and Kyle West Get Their Marriage License

Here comes the detective?

What starts out as Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and Kyle West (Josh Henderson) picking up their marriage license at the local courthouse quickly turns into a visit from the law in this clip from Sunday's all-new The Arrangement.

"Officially licensed. Two more weeks," Megan gushes. "Or we could just go back upstairs and get married right now," Kyle offers.

Megan's more of a traditional girl, plus Hollywood's favorite couple wouldn't want to disappoint their followers.

While Kyle stops to snap a photo with a fan, Megan checks in with Zach on their Institute for the Higher Mind take down.

"Shaun texted me. She wants to talk," Megan tells Zach. "I went to see her at IHM when you were out of town," Zach reveals. "You can't do stuff like that. It's risky," Megan warns.


There's someone that wants to check in with Kyle too, Detective Natalie Gaffey (Tracy Waterhouse). Remember her? Well if you don't, she's the detective Terence (Michael Vartan) forced Kyle to have sex with last season...while he was with Megan!

"Kyle West as I live and breathe. What brings you to the courthouse? Marriage license?" the detective asks. "What do you want?" an annoyed Kyle snaps back.

"I have a deposition. Gang members, dead witnesses, fun stuff. Not the most fun I've had on the job though," the sly detective responds.

"My fiancée is here. Don't screw this up for me," Kyle advises.

See the sweet moment turn sour in the clip above.